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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: One step back, Two steps forward….(April 2023) 👯‍♂️

One step back…

–Got knocked around just a little to find out that my bad choices in high school flooded my psyche for about a whole week…. I will spare all particular details, except to say that it took a week to forgive myself for being a super fucked up and needy 9th grader. –What threw me off is that I don’t think I had really forgiven myself for KNOWING that I was fucking up and not stopping it sooner. THAT was DEFINITELY a step back in my evolution.

Macy Gray Concert Quick and Dirty Concert Drive By:

Two steps forward…

Finally, after fighting with myself for a week, I realized that part of the benefit of going through that shit was to know WHY I am so adamant that I follow m