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 ABOUT us: 

Our blog is about finding creative inspiration to help empower other fellow D.I.Y. Rock Stars

and about nurturing that D.I.Y. Rock Star spirit in us all.


Meet The Prejippies


I'm the "making it happen captain" of this here thrill-ride.  Never met a color that I didn't like. 

Ready to find the joy in ANY situation.

I'm young enough to go get it,

but old enough NOT to settle for less than truly marvelous.

So concerned with the aesthetics that I will drive a mile for that special washii tape and can write the hell out of some lyrics.

Still love to create and always want to be felt as much as seen.


I'm all about making the music that is the soundtrack to many a-trippy movie.  

In fact, there's nothing I dig more than channeling the philosopher and muscicologist within to make a sonically, mashed-up marble cake.

Since I'm tripping on music from Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis to The Beatles, I do not stifle my urge to combine all those sounds to make my own interpretation of it all.

You can catch me in the studio with any number of instruments cooking up my next batch of musical mojo.

Meet The Henderson Collective


Zandalee Indigo

I'm just a girl in the world.  

I'm really loving some Remo Drive, a little Rex Orange County, and a lot of Brookhampton.

When I'm not helping The Prejippies build this empire,

I can be found curled up with a good bootleg musical, a book, and, what else? my phone!

I can't promise you that I won't be grumpy,

but I am ALWAYS polite.



What can I say?  I'm more complicated than anybody here, because I love NASCAR, Mila Kunis, and can't seem to eat too much pizza.

Still on my quest to escape my MindCraft roots, while making sports gaming videos and trying to find my passion in life.

You won't be able to find me; 

I'll find you.

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Blooming Prejippie

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As featured in

At South By Southwest 2023, we were excited to be featured by Variety Magazine!

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