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M U S E Queue

Our sweet list of Fun, Useful, and/or Necessary products or places.

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We’re former snail-mail zine publishers and music-makers, who miss having someone follow along on our mis-adventures. We have truly missed it.  We missed the community of folks who seemed to share similar interests—who loved poetry and edgy art and questioned everything. 


We kinda missed that “Land of Mis-fit Toys” mentality.  We hope to find our place in the sun with other sun-burned folks. While it can sometimes be destructive, it causes us to experience things more deeply and to “show ourselves” in techno-color.


It’s time for strange, new and beautiful for us.  Is it that time for you, too?

If this sounds like something you’d be into, then subscribe.  We promise to keep you knee-deep and inspired.

If you think that’s you,

then come right on in. 

Explore. Comment.  Share. 

And return.

Vox & Bruce, the Head Bloomers at Blooming Prejippie Zine

Bruce Theory and Vox Moon

As featured in

At South By Southwest 2023, we were excited to be featured by Variety Magazine!

Variety Magazine.jpg
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