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We’ve built a network of social media and IRL connections that are music-minded enterprises, like record stores, arts organizations, music stores, radio stations, music production, and record companies, as well as the people who support these kinds of organizations. 


Your message will be seen by the nearly 35,000 viewers, readers, and social media contacts in our wide-spread network.


Let’s discuss how we can put our uniquely quirky brand and skills to work to introduce you to our artistically-curated community. 

Topics Relate to Building and Maintaining 

the D.I.Y. Rock Star Creative Empire

We cover topics that we will cover in the blog that relate directly to the D.I.Y. Rock Star agenda.  Should you want to partner with us in the form of a guest blog, a sponsored post, or an ad, do not hesitate to contact Vox at or by dialing directly to 734.252.6221.

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More Ways to engage with B L O O M I N G    P R E J I P P I E :

More Ways to engage with B L O O M I N G    P R E J I P P I E :