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We’ve built a network of social media and IRL connections that are music-minded enterprises, like record stores, arts organizations, music stores, radio stations, music production, and record companies, as well as the people who support these kinds of organizations. 


Your message will be seen by the nearly 35,000 viewers, readers, and social media contacts in our wide-spread network.


Let’s discuss how we can put our uniquely quirky brand and skills to work to introduce you to our artistically-curated community. 

‘Want to submit to our blog?


Blooming Prejippie prides itself on being a unique source for everything related to D.I.Y. Rock Star lifestyle. There is no corporate backing or politics that get in the way of simply sharing our love of building a music-based creative empire, and we would love for you to share it with us. We are currently accepting guest posts of album reviews, interviews, advice and all other types of resources for D.I.Y. Rock Stars, and we’re always looking for reader submissions. We’ll be happy to publish any article as long as it would be considered interesting to readers of the D.I.Y. Rock Star lifestyle. We do have 6 simple rules to follow before you send in that post in:


6 Simple Rules for Submission to Blooming Prejippie Zine:


1. Be helpful.

Although our editorial staff may post a negative review here and there, we try our best to stay in the area of constructive criticism so that the artists and readers can get something useful out of it. Teach us something. Show off what you’ve found.


2. Keep it clean.

While cursing is allowed, we draw the line at explicitly adult-natured content, or slander. Though, we are in NO way intending to gear any work toward them, there might be a kid or a lawyer reading somewhere.


3. Keep it original.

If it’s already posted somewhere else, then we won’t post it here (press releases being the only exception). The best you might get is to have the post summarized, and then a link added to the original article for more information.


4. Be patient.

Not all articles are right for the site, and we find that out by letting a live human being read through them, check facts, and possibly edit for search engine friendliness before we’ll post it live. This takes time. If you have a specific date you want an article to start running, please include that in your email, but we can make no guarantees. As you may ALREADY know, we are juggling QUITE a few balls around here, so hunker down and we will get back to you.

5. Give some context.

While we are assuming that you have spent a little time on our blog, so that you can get an idea of what we’ve posted before, be sure to introduce yourself, how you found out about our blog, and share with us how you think this post will complement what we already have published. Also, include clips and/or links to work you’ve done before and/or a bio of who you are.  All this  helps us to understand you better and how best to place your within our blog’s milieu.


6. No Sales Pitches.

YOU can review a product or service that our readers may be interested in, just know that each submission is read thoroughly and anything deemed as a “sales pitch” will be referred to our sales department for consideration as a sponsored post. If you’re not sure what the difference is between a sponsored post or guest post, just email us and we’ll let you know.


Please send all blog post submissions (including related pictures, links, and possibly MP3’s) to for review.


If you are interested in submitting promotional materials, or albums for review or giveaway, please ship to or contact us at:


Blooming Prejippie Zine

46036 Michigan Avenue, Unit 308

Canton, MI 48188

(734) 252-6221




‘Want Better Band Photos?

Topics Relate to Building and Maintaining 

the D.I.Y. Rock Star Creative Empire

We cover topics that we will cover in the blog that relate directly to the D.I.Y. Rock Star agenda.  Should you want to partner with us in the form of a guest blog, a sponsored post, or an ad, do not hesitate to contact Vox at or by dialing directly to 734.252.6221.

Blooming Prejippie Zine

a subsidiary of Prejippie Music Group, Inc.

46036 Michigan Ave, Ste 308

Canton, MI 48188


More Ways to engage with B L O O M I N G    P R E J I P P I E :

More Ways to engage with B L O O M I N G    P R E J I P P I E :

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