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Networking for Introverts (ESPECIALLY D.I.Y. Rock Stars)! 😬

This post loosely aligns with the ideas in Gab & Jam episodes 192 and 193. If you want to hear the discussion, click those links (when they become live; on 9/27 -- and 10/3, respectively). (Subscribe so you won't miss it!)

Here's why...... Networking for introverts (ESPECIALLY D.I.Y. Rock Stars)

As you might imagine, many of us artists consider ourselves introverts. We like to be alone to contemplate our thoughts and prefer to dance to our own rhythm, which often times means shying away from crowds at parties and any other large—or small —events. On top of being introverts, we are also often rebels, who don’t want anybody telling us who we need to be or what we should do. A third layer that might make us averse to networking is that, if you are like me, you’re what we call “reactionary,” and IMMEDIATELY run in the opposite direction of what masses of people are drawn to. These are some of the MAIN reasons that I have shunned the idea of networking for decades; preferring instead to work alone—or ONLY with my partner—ESPECIALLY as I work on our vision. What I have only recently come to understand is that the dreaded “n” word—networking—is a natural outgrowth of expanding our world. And in recent year, where I have started to ONLY work smart and NOT hard, I want to maximize my time and effort in any way possible.

What I mean is that instead of thinking of it as “kowtowing” or sucking up to folks for some unknown advantage that, it’s natural to even be DRAWN to want to talk to folks who you seem to have figured out the next fucking step in this puzzle of getting your venture off the ground. And I have learned that simply having a short chat with folks—virtually or IRL—has helped answer so many fucking questions that previously it would have taken me so long to solve.

And that beyond answering questions, these are the folks that you turn to to share wins with, who can ACTUALLY understand and appreciate what the he’ll you’re talking about! And, as a bonus, these are the folks who have turned to us, sometimes, for the same thing. —Previously, we had never thought that WE could be of help to others, because we hadn’t attained the kind of credentials that others have, but, again, because we are on similar paths, it is natural that we might have done something that they are struggling with and they feel comfortable asking how we did it.

And now, I am NATURALLY nosy—asking about other folks’ processes ALL the time—hoping to figure out some better way to do things. And I will even go out of my way to ask questions—even if it seems prodding—because I can sense there’s an aha moment in there for us. And you know what, it has gotten easier with time.