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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Cleaning Hacks (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)?? 🧽🧘🏽‍♀‍ (June 2021)

Where the Eff Did May Go?! Timelessness in Quarantine (July 2020)    --Blooming Prejippie

‘Not REALLY about cleaning…. Sorry to disappoint you. 🤷🏾‍♀️

—Beyond ANY of this is a recent change in my philosophy of doing things. I used to block out a nice size chunk of time to get things done. If I needed to clean, I blocked out half an hour to an hour. If I needed to set a blog post up, I usually budgeted out an hour or so. That’s what’d been keeping me productive and relatively sane these past 5 years.

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‘Remember what I said about planning??

But then I realized that there are things that NEVER get scheduled, because I can never “find” the time. 😳 So recently I have started taking the stance of “do what you can right then in the time given” (and don’t wait to schedule). For instance, I noticed that the bathroom trash has been overflowing and it’d been bugging me for AT LEAST 2 days now. So instead of waiting until I got “inspired” to schedule a “cleaning” black of time, I decided to just whip that motherfucking bag out of the can and replace the bag. Right then. Right there. Took less than 29 seconds. Done. Same goes for wiping down the placemats. I just did it. Twenty seconds. Done. And the counter. Less than ten seconds to stack shit up and to put other shit in the drawer. Done. In fact, with ALL of these activities, they spent longer getting in my nerves than it took me to solve the problems. But this new philosophy goes so much against the way I had been treating these activities before, so it’s like a sea change for me.

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How so?

Previously, I thought that if I didn’t have AT LEAST half an hour to spend, then these activities would need to be planned. And that’s how I had been living my life. 💁🏾 And it worked better than the shit I was doing before—which was getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the project and then not doing any of that shit at all. 🙄

Gab & Jam Ep 171 Am I a procrastinator, but don’t know it?

I Use CD Baby --Blooming Prejippie Zine

But, but, but….

But then there were these things that just nag at me, because I pass by them daily. And I know that even one of them is eliminated, I could be a happier camper and that my life could be even better. These are the things that I am starting to target. Fingerprints on the fridge door and splotchy mirrors and crumbs on the counter, all come to mind. And clothes that I dig past—because I have realized that I don’t fucking like, but because they are new, I feel too guilty about being gluttonous, so won’t get rid of—to get to the thing that I am ACTUALLY going to wear. 😳 👘

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Goodwill, anyone? 📦

With my newer philosophy, I am snatching that article of clothing OUT of the drawer and throwing it into the Goodwill donation pile faster than you can say, “Jiminy Cricket!” 🦗 And JUST that little bit of advocacy—for myself and for a happier life—has made me feel better about me. And about the new things that we’re undertaking.

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Vision Board Cheat Sheet  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Assess to address the mess….. 🧘🏽‍♀️

I know this is not our usual kind of message, but we think it’s important to continually assess how you are doing things and how well that approach is helping you. This is especially true, because if you are wanting more of our life, so that you can see some progress in growing your creative empire, you are going to need better, stronger, more efficient strategies to make that happen alongside of living “real” life. THAT’S what this post is about. So, if, like me, cleaning is the thing that CONSTANTLY gets planned forward—but is nagging at you and causing you NOT to live your best life— then find a way to tackle that motherfucker without losing your cool, nor your creative spark. 💥

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Keep Creativity Flowing.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Who knows….

And so I MIGHT even take this shit on the road! Got 2 minutes? I can wipe down tables, damp mop the bathroom floor, throw a few things out from my closet. And THEN I will be thrilled to spend the next half day musing over a new set of lyrics or editing a music video. 📝🙃🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏾

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Well, here’s to a wonderful upcoming month! We’re wishing you Joy+Peace!

Until next we meet,

here’s wishing you

love, peace, and chicken grease!


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