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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: From here to there… (December 2021)

THIS is the journey...

Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile all these different parts of this path that we’re on. And we’ve gotten into a habit of CONSTANTLY hustling, but, TRULY, keeping up THIS particular pace is not our goal. Our goal is to start a fire that will be self-sustaining; it’s just that we’ve got to throw EVERYTHING at it to give a great start. So, hopefully, this artist mentoring program process is what will throw the right kind of gasoline onto the music portion of our octopus-tentacled enterprises. At least, that’s our goal. But the trick is to get from here to there. That’s what’s happening now.

193. Best music-related advice I have ever received (from D.I.Y. Rock Stars)

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— It was so nice to talk to Bruce last night about how I was feeling about the artist mentoring program. 😊 I shared my frustration and my struggles and he shared some of his own ALONG with some of what he has LIKED about what we’re going through. So, when we got on the call, it was SO much easier to be a unified force. It was REALLY nice to divide and conquer. And we got it all done. —And, as Bruce mentioned, it was nice that this guy stayed on the call WELL over what was allotted for this session and he set quite a few things up for us. He also gave us some feedback on how our ads were performing—which he said was good—and ALL of THAT helped me feel better about this entire enterprise.

194. 7 networking strat