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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Last gasp of summer (October 2022)

Last gasp of summer….

So, I woke up to find myself NOT mad about much of anything, which is a first. –No, I am NOT happy to find that summer is on its last gasp, but at least I KNOW that I have accomplished QUITE a bit and am SO proud that I CAN’T be mad. –I will spare you all the detail, but, suffice it to say, that I got A LOT of shit DONE! 💥 –I think I got MORE done this summer than I EVER have, so I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about. 😀

Still working on our book…

But, no, I did NOT complete the first draft for the book yet, but hope to do so within the next week or so. BUT even working on it as much as I have has been MOMENTUS, so I am trying to give myself a break that I DIDN’T get it done in the original 3 weeks that I had allotted myself. 😳🙄💁🏾 –What I realized is that, as I am mining the content from our 240+ blog posts, I am also going back through all those blog posts and cleaning them up and adding in relevant links–something that I had PROMISED myself I would do a while back and never did–so I realize that doing so is slowing me down, but it’s one of those things where I am going BACK in order to move forward BETTER, so it seems that it is WORTH this tradeoff of time. 💁🏾

Did you know that along with putting together our next album, we are working on our first book? Here’s the link, if you want to pre-order:

F*cking Tailwind!

The ONE thing that IS going poorly is the Tailwind Community that we started a few years back. I invited all the D.I.Y. Rock Stars that I could find to our “Be the NEXT D.I.Y. Rock Star” Tailwind Community and it was going along swimmingly. That is, until it WASN’T! 😳 About 5 months ago, I noticed that post submissions were down and then they stopped altogether. I messaged Tailwind customer service to find out if there is a problem and no one seemed to offer any explanation for what is happening. 🙄 Now, it’s to the point where we are the ONLY ones–out of 23 folks–that pin to this community. 😳🙄💁🏾 I tried messaging some of the members and asking what they are encountering on their end, but have not received any responses. Bruce thinks that it’s just likely that MOST of these folks no longer use Tailwind and may have stopped their subscriptions altogether. Or that maybe engagement wasn’t good enough to continue in our group, so they swapped us out for another community….. He MAY be right, since I KNEW that two members told me over a year ago that they couldn’t sustain the high price tag on this Tailwind subscription, but it’s hard to believe that this would be the case for EVERYBODY! 😳🙄

Installing an SSD Drive to AKAI MPC X:

More Tailwind...

The community is so dead that we thought about deleting it–and even further, letting our Tailwind subscription expire (come November) –but then I realized that I have two other communities (that we are members of) where we get millions of shares. I don’t think we would ever engage with these other pinners, if we don’t keep Tailwind, so considering that it works about to about $13 a month to keep it, it makes sense NOT to chuck it. –But if you HAPPEN to be a member of our community, I STILL want to know if there is some kind of technical error that’s preventing you from submitting to the group and/or what is YOUR reason for no longer using it? Thanks in advance for your help with this.

D.I.Y. Rock Star Round Up (August 2022):

May return to the song a month challenge

So, remember just 2 short months ago, how we quit doing our song a month challenge? Well, the truth is we miss it. Not only did we like it for creative accountability, but also to have a regularly-scheduled songwriting goal, because it assures that AT LEAST 12 songs will be finished each year, easily. So, we will be reinstating this monthly goal next month. 😬

All things “Sugar Fit”:

Next up….

So, you KNOW how we are working on a new album. Well, we’re not QUITE ready to move as far away from the funk as we had ORIGINALLY planned to. We realized that MANY of the folks who we’ve just attracted into our Bourgeoisie Paper Jam ecosystem EXPECT the funk–since that’s how we marketed it primarily–so we plan to spend just a little more time delving into that before pivoting to our “island vibe.” So, we’re thinking that a new single from Sugar Fit MIGHT be the best way to go for the next bit…. That being said, we are looking to grow our Spotify, so if you haven’t already, we’d appreciate it if you’d follow us there. (Here’s the link: ) Thanks in advance!

242. D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind #1 unboxings travel wellness

Thanks so much!

If you made it this far, you’re the reason that we’re singing in the shower, so THANKS, again! Feel free to share what you’d like to see more of in our monthly joint. We’d love to hear from you! Until we meet again, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!


Here's what we MOST proud of this month!


Gab & Jam:

Blog posts:


Song Clips:

179. “Riding Free” @Sandberg #Sandberg @AKAI #bass

180. “Lovely Mystic” @Fender #Fender #jazzbass #bass

181. “Nothing Can Keep Me Down” @Sandberg #Sandberg #bass #LogicProX


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