D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Rubber Hits the Road… (October 2020)

Where the Eff Did May Go?! Timelessness in Quarantine (July 2020)    --Blooming Prejippie

Cat's out of the bag.....

The rubber is hitting the road and the cat is out of the bag TODAY!

My head has been spinning with all those plans and strategies and researching—not in that order, but you get the idea. 💡 We are FINALLY happy to announce that not only is the album done, but the release date has been decided upon (September 25, 2020), the CDs, t-shirts AND the stickers have been ordered! Thanks for all your continued patience and for your ongoing support!

I Use CD Baby --Blooming Prejippie Zine

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CD Baby….

As you can probably tell by our graphic, we entered the CD Baby giveaway, because we are using CD Baby for our CDs and for our distribution. So, while we wait for the release to matriculate to Spotify and Apple Music and Amazon, etc., etc., our links for the pre-order of all things “Sugar Fit” are live on our Bandcamp page (https://bit.ly/BPJbandcamp ).


—The good news, though, is that we figured out how to do that trailer video for the CD animation that CD Baby did. –Remember, we were hella disappointed that the way they had me sharing it required that folks had to go to their website to view it…. 🙄 Nobody was gonna do that shit! So we worked a little magic on it. The best part about doing it ourselves is that we were able to make it an event (by adding other graphics and text and by putting the intro of the "Sugar Fit" track behind it). It actually came out really nice. It wouldn’t have turned into all that, if their animation had been more widely shareable….IJS

Vision Board ( http://bit.ly/rockstarvision )

What is the D.I.Y. Rock Star Mindset? Why is it Necessary? --Blooming Prejippie

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Having a fit, alright....

Waiting on the distribution process was going to drive us bonkers, so in true “don’t depend on any one social media platform,” we set up shop on a platform that promised overnight access to the album. And to be honest, we’ve been with Bandcamp for quite a few years and have quite a bit more of our 25 album discography over there—for instant download—than anywhere else. —Did you KNOW that this is full-fledged release number 26? Yep, it took us THIS long to decide to take our musical fate into our own hands…… Don’t be us! 💥

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