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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Rubber Hits the Road… (October 2020)

Where the Eff Did May Go?! Timelessness in Quarantine (July 2020)    --Blooming Prejippie

Cat's out of the bag.....

The rubber is hitting the road and the cat is out of the bag TODAY!

My head has been spinning with all those plans and strategies and researching—not in that order, but you get the idea. 💡 We are FINALLY happy to announce that not only is the album done, but the release date has been decided upon (September 25, 2020), the CDs, t-shirts AND the stickers have been ordered! Thanks for all your continued patience and for your ongoing support!

I Use CD Baby --Blooming Prejippie Zine

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Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star Facebook Group Banner  --Blooming Prejippie

CD Baby….

As you can probably tell by our graphic, we entered the CD Baby giveaway, because we are using CD Baby for our CDs and for our distribution. So, while we wait for the release to matriculate to Spotify and Apple Music and Amazon, etc., etc., our links for the pre-order of all things “Sugar Fit” are live on our Bandcamp page ( ).


—The good news, though, is that we figured out how to do that trailer video for the CD animation that CD Baby did. –Remember, we were hella disappointed that the way they had me sharing it required that folks had to go to their website to view it…. 🙄 Nobody was gonna do that shit! So we worked a little magic on it. The best part about doing it ourselves is that we were able to make it an event (by adding other graphics and text and by putting the intro of the "Sugar Fit" track behind it). It actually came out really nice. It wouldn’t have turned into all that, if their animation had been more widely shareable….IJS

What is the D.I.Y. Rock Star Mindset? Why is it Necessary? --Blooming Prejippie

5 Record Release Strategies That We’ve Never Tried—Until NOW!

Having a fit, alright....

Waiting on the distribution process was going to drive us bonkers, so in true “don’t depend on any one social media platform,” we set up shop on a platform that promised overnight access to the album. And to be honest, we’ve been with Bandcamp for quite a few years and have quite a bit more of our 25 album discography over there—for instant download—than anywhere else. —Did you KNOW that this is full-fledged release number 26? Yep, it took us THIS long to decide to take our musical fate into our own hands…… Don’t be us! 💥

Gab & Jam Ep 141 10 Reasons NOT to Have Only One Social Media Profile (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Keep Creativity Flowing.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Needless to say....

—I woke up and really don’t feel like doing shit today. It’s just that I am not good at this part of the journey. It was fun being on the hunt for new things to try and new people to lure in. What I am NOT so good at is trying to keep everyone thanked and happy in the midst of everything. I get overwhelmed at having obligations to fulfill and all I want to do is to sleep. I just want to zone out on that part of it. In fact, this is the part that I probably always have zoned out on. In the past, it required picking up the phone and calling people—and, needless to say, that didn’t get done! 🙄 Now, it requires following up with folks who are giving me leads or who want specific information and things…..

I guess, I will just get my ducks in a row and start going straight down the list, hold my nose, and just get one thing done at a time. 🤷🏽‍♀‍ I mean, just like with work work, I don’t have to “like” everything I do, but I do have to get it done one way or another, since it has to be accounted for. Period. I am NOT the kind of person who flakes out, so I HAVE to do it—or it will bug me and then it turns into something nasty and infected. Whereas, even if it’s not great, I have to be able to say that it is done (just so that I can sleep at night). 🤷🏽‍♀‍

Gab & Jam Ep 137 Can Taylor Swift EVER be considered “indie”?

Should artists have freedom of speech?  --Blooming Prejippie

"Compar-itis, much?"

It doesn’t help that some of the folks that we follow—this lady, and this guy, and this galwho have been successful at doing this releasing music on their own—don’t seem to bat an eye 👁. They show no signs that any of this was a challenge for them. And while that’s encouraging in a way, it is also intimidating, because I feel as if there’s something I am lacking in the area of being practical, logical, and methodical about it; that I am not supposed to let the fact that there are some things I like doing more than others affect how I conduct business,....... but it does…. However, I know that I like my life better when I follow through, but it’s not always easy. But we ain’t punks around here. I am pulling up my big girl panties and we will do what needs to be done to get down our massive list, but we may need YOUR help to make this all work out. Are you down for that? Can we count on you? ❤️

Vision Board Cheat Sheet  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

How can Y-O-U help?

Right now, the two biggest things you can do for us is to follow us on Spotify ( ) and head on over to Bandcamp for digital download, t-shirt or sticker pre-order! ( ) Thanks, again, for another month of your support, while we throw a “Sugar Fit”!

Get Sh*t Done Weekly Planning Method  --Blooming Prejippie Zine
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82. “Joyful Jangle” @Takamine #acoustic #guitar

83. “You Drive Me Wild in 1979” @Sandberg #Sandberg

84. “Jackson Thump” @Fodera #Fodera


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Dreams --Blooming Prejippie Zine


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  • “Sugar Fit”: It’s the R&B/funk album that we always wanted to hear; with a mix of Sly, Prince, Cameo, Johnny Guitar Watson, and a splash of Third World. Please follow us on Spotify. :)

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9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Conferences --Blooming Prejippie

Until next we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!


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