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Why Did We Get a Cricut? (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Here’s a little context…

As a D.I.Y. Rock Star, we are in CONSTANT need of collateral, like band merch, and this puppy is SUPPOSED to be able to crank out stickers and t-shirts; two of our fan favorites. That’s one reason why I wanted to lean into something that could make that work easier. —If you’ve been around for ANY time, you will know that MY personal goal is to work smarter—and NOT harder—so I have been skeptical that this tool would make life easier, because I ASSUME there’s going to be this BIG learning curve. —And, YES, it LOOKS like there is, but ALSO, I have done ENOUGH projects that I have started to wonder what could be an easier way to achieve these results, as well as to open up my options to ideas that I have never even THOUGHT of. But that’s just the start of it…..

My impression…

I remember running across the Cricut years ago when doing my crafting shopping. I looked at it briefly and decided that it was too expensive and too difficult. Plus, in the back of my mind, somehow, I KNEW keeping and using the machine would mean buying endless, EXPENSIVE supplies…So, on that steam alone, I was prepared to reject the idea. But we are two years into making our yearly, band-themed holiday ornaments and I want to make the process easier AND make the results even MORE stunning each time, so I started to entertain the idea of such a machine that might help me achieve that. –AND, of course, once I see what I can do for custom t-shirts and stickers, I was smitten. I asked my husband for it for my birthday. What follows, in this post, is the research I did before I decided on this particular model, information about some of the tools I would need in order work effectively with the Cricut Maker, and key tips to help me to get started and to not get frustrated.

There are 3 videos is this series:

  1. Craft Haul