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Music-Related Documentaries #2

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam 274. Music-Related Documentaries #2

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Three years?! 😳

We can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 years since our last installment of music-related documentaries.

–Check out the first one, if you’re intrigued:

We’re back with just a few additional inspiring ones for you all to check out.

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Why do WE watch music-related documentaries?

Well, we like to know why musical artists, in particular, decide to create and we also like to see the behind-the-scenes to their process. –In fact, EVEN with artists where we’re not as fond of their music, we are fascinated by their motivations and their challenges and their methods. –Also, we learn aspects of these people’s lives and their journeys that gives us a richer appreciation for the work they do. Further, sometimes, it helps us WANT to hear their art with “new” ears. Finally, it’s the uniqueness of THEIR journeys that reminds us how different—and sometimes, how similar—we all are as artists.

See the episode for the full discussion.


Music-based Documentaries:

1. “Sheryl” —Sheryl Crow (2022)

This film deepened our appreciation for Sheryl Crow. We already like quite a lot of her music, but hearing more of her life story made each phase of her journey that much more meaningful.