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How to turn FOMO into JOMO (for the D.I. Y. Rock Star)

195. How to turn FOMO to JOMO (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

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Doing ALL the things….

So, we KNOW we prattle on about being a D.I.Y. Rock Star, which means you do ALL the things to make sure that express your art and that you are “discovered” by more than your mom and your siblings, but the truth is, there’s more to life than JUST living your art. Because we are SO ensconced in trying to level up, sometimes it’s hard to admit that, but the aforementioned podcast discussion reminded us of just how important figuring out all the OTHER things that you care about will ACTUALLY make your quality of life better in the long run. So, that’s the genesis of this post. So, we’re going to use the ideas that they shared as a starting point for a pretty important discussion.