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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: The OTHER shoe is dropping… 👟 (October 2021)

May the odds be ever in your favor…

While we’ve been SO excited at all the things that are happening right now—we’re in the second round for South By Southwest ( ); our daughter is moving into her first apartment; and we are in an artist mentoring program (more on this as the process unfolds). So, on the whole, all of this is GOOD and keeps us lined up toward our BIG goals. However,…… trying to maintain the balance of all the NEW things that we’re trying to accomplish ALONGSIDE of what we continuing to maintain—the weekly podcast/YouTube episodes, growing and nurturing the Facebook groups, and generally networking with new and interesting people —who are potential friends on this front or mentors or just plain consumers of our content—has proven to be challenging at times, especially when we consider that summer was SUPPOSED to be our season of rest and exploration. —Be careful what you ask for, right? 😳

186. How to stay motivated to do ALL the things (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)?

(video: and podcast: )

What’s the problem, then?

Well, last year, I had committed to growing BOTH the blog AND the email list, and during this last 8 months—as we have begun sending out MORE emails (which was ALSO a goal)—we have found that the email list has dwindled—which we’ve heard, in theory, is good (because that means that we are TRULY ONLY talking to our “people” now). 🥰 The problem is that we have NOT been systematically adding new people to that tribe….. So, while that’s SUPPOSED to be “progress,” it certainly doesn’t feel that way. 🙄

The vote for our South By Southwest Proposal is over, but was here: