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How much formal education is necessary (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

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323. How much formal education is necessary (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Is college necessary? Knowing how much education is necessary to build your creative artistic empire is our topic today.   

Check out the episode for the full discussion.

Deciding if having a formal education is a very individual decision.  For some, it is the key to unlock a wealth of resources.  For other, it is more of a waste of time that could be better spent actually pursuing career goals.  Take into account the following before making your decision.

Consider the following: ⭐️

1. Going to school for any creative pursuit is not always necessary 

While it is TRUE that to become a successful D.I.Y. Rock Star, you do NOT need to attend college or have ANY formal training.  However, you CAN attain some connections (depending on where you go) and will get the opportunity to work on your craft in a hands-on capacity, but in the modern age those are two things you can do without attending a college. 


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2.  Adds a layer of discipline

As someone that did go to school FOR musical theater training, Zandalee can attest to the fact that the main reason I chose to go is because I know myself and know that I lack discipline for things. She says that WITHOUT a pre-ordained roadmap of classes, she may NOT have known where to start to learn all three aspects of her craft, which included dance lessons, acting lessons, and vocal training.  By adding this structure to my training, she feels as she is better able to focus on growing in a profession that is so amorphous and has kinda “jumped the line” by paying for a formal education.

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3. Organizes resources

Zandalee says that if she didn’t need the structure, she probably could’ve educated herself by taking acting/singing/dancing lessons and using resources available to me at my local library. However, by the college organizing the courses in a sequential order—where one skill builds on another—it simplifies your progress without having to think TOO much about what should be next.  So, YES, it costs, but in some ways, it SAVES a D.I.Y. Rock Star time and effort in trying to figure out some basic steps.


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4. Creates an automatic network

One of the next advantages to committing to a formal education, is the fact that you surround yourself with people who are reaching for the same goals.  By introducing you to  folks who have similar interests, you can build a network WITHOUT the high energy output of building it on your own.  –We don’t know about you, but we are NOT people who go up and introduce ourselves to folks at parties.  THIS might be the kind of extroverted activity that comes naturally to some people, but, as artists, we are more introverted.  By joining a program that focuses on your chosen path, the MORE likely you are to create a network of peers and mentors that will help bridge the gap for after you graduate.

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5. Gives you experience BEFORE anyone has given you a job

By allowing you to be a part of REAL artistic projects, you can get experience before having to go get a job on your own. Now you have some directly-related work on your resume, which will help you get work after school.

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6. Continual learning doesn’t hurt

Again, a D.I.Y. Rock Star doesn’t NEED any formal training, but when it can help you do your D.I.Y. thing BETTER, why not avail yourself of the whatever lessons, classes, workshops, and tutorials that you can.  After all, the more you learn, the better for you and the more creative options you have at your disposal.  As Bruce has mentioned in the past, having as many chord progressions in your songwriting toolkit is what any D.I.Y. Rock Star needs to help make their art flourish. 


So, finally, there are ALL kinds reasons to sign on to a :formal training program,” whatever that looks like.  Be it enrolling in a degree-earning program or taking a self-paced online course, the more you can connect with fellow folks on your journey, getting experience in your field BEFORE you go seek your first job, having a structure to what you learn, or availing yourself to automatic mentorship, it CAN be worth taking advantage of what formal education can offer.

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How about you?  

What did we leave out?

We’d love to hear ways that formal education can be helpful!

We’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave them in the comments below.

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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!

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