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Awards aren’t everything for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

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322. Awards aren’t everything for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

As independent artists, we want to see progress and part of the measure of success could be by receiving accolades from a credentialed organization.  So, it might feel great to be nominated for a Grammy or an Emmy or an American Music Award, but it this REALLY an indication that you have met your own personal creative artist goals–which, for us, includes impacting people through our messages, and gaining a following of folks that loyal and dedicated to witnessing our blossoming artistic journey.

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The BIG questions are what do winning awards mean as far as achievement of an artist and what is the quality of the said award?

Consider the following: ⭐️

1.  Critics don’t know everything:

We’re not sure if you’re aware, but Led Zeppelin’s “Led Zeppelin” (1969), as well as The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” (1969) albums were panned by the critics initially.  According to THIS source, Rolling Stone Magazine felt that Led Zeppelin’s album was “the lesser version of the Jeff Beck Group.”  –And they weren’t the ONLY ones to trash it.  –However, due to fan excitement and attention eventually propelled it into the Billboard Top 10.  –And, of course, NOW you would NEVER know how hated they were, because they have been MASSIVELY successful and are a part of the rock and roll canon. So, the point is that just because you might be getting panned by critics does not mean that you suck.  It may just mean that you are going to have to find those folks who dig what you do and grow THAT (which takes us to our next point). Just because you don’t get an award, does not mean that your art is trash.



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2.  All art speaks to somebody 

For D.I.Y. Rock Stars, it is important to realize that there may only be a few people who REALLY get you, but that if you enjoy making and releasing your music, those few fans who love what you do can get you through.  We think most artists want to find people who feel something rather than to just be popular with everybody.  Of course, there are those artists that ONLY want to blow up and go viral, but for the rest of us, we want to create a long-standing connection between our art and those who can’t want to consume more. We are willing to do whatever it takes to continue our quest of actually finding the souls on this earth that keep coming back for more. Just because folks are not flocking to you, does not mean that your music sucks.

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3. Decide on your vision

We continually remind you, fellow D.I.Y. Rock Star, that YOU have to decide what YOU think is success.  If—AGAIN—you MUST have viral success or to earn awards to consider yourself successful, then you must go the route to make THAT your prime mission.  However, if your idea of success is to share your art, coalesce a fanbase, and grow as an artist, then you aren’t bothered if the critics and award grantors don’t notice you.  As long as you are reaching your fans, then THIS is where you would put your energies.


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4. How does a “purchased” award help independent artists?

We mention this in passing, but some awards can be purchased.  While aggregating awards might make you more attractive for upcoming opportunities, it is LIKELY that, as artists, you will not feel validated by it, since it is not a legitimately deserved award.  –However, if your goal is to rack up awards, perhaps a purchased award is just the thing to get that ball rolling.

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Back to the actual awards:

1.  Methods of distribution:

 It is our understanding that the Oscars recognizes movies that are more artistic and complicated.  The Oscars is the biggest award a movie can receive and the Academy Award is given to the “best” quality movie, even if that movie is not a box office success.  Whereas, the Golden Globes rewards the biggest hits, who have been watched by more people and who have earned the most money. –So, THAT’S for movies.  Bruce and I have been asking ourselves for years why music doesn’t have that distinction between the Grammys and the American Music Awards—where there is a kind of binary between high art quality versus popularity?  —Instead, we feel as though if folks are up for American Music Awards, they should NOT necessarily be eligible for a Grammy, since the music wouldn’t likely be high-brow enough.  –But what we REALLY hate  seeing is something that is artistically-rich and challenging be overlooked while something that is clearly playing to a fickle, inch-deep pop aesthetic receive BOTH the American Music Award AND the Grammy.

Top 20 Prince Countdown:


2. Many of the most artistic never win any, while mid-level art is rewarded

While we are NOT trying to dog out any artist or genre, it just seems that if there is a popular artist, that artist seem to sweep ALL the awards, no matter which type.  –But again, THIS is one reason why we don’t think the winning of awards gives art its merit.  We also feel as if artists should not feel sucky, if they aren’t winning awards. Though many folks look to the gatekeepers—like award grantors—to be visionary, it is likely that they may NOT call attention to art that is new, surprising, or rich.

3. Golden Globe’s new category—“cinematic achievement”


Basically, this new award category is given to the box office hit, and if the popular art has already won (at the box office), why does it need another trophy?  Only the movie that makes the most money is going to win it, so why give it an award that makes it seem as if it is for anything OTHER than its monetary valuation?

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Well, those are just some of our thoughts on the value of winning awards.  While we KNOW it is likely that winning an award or two would open more doors for you and your music, are they something that you actively seek? 

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How about you?  

Do YOU feel as if an award is a marker of success for your music?

We’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave them in the comments below.

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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!

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