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Hello, Blog-vember 2018!

Blog-vember Kick-off 2018 --Blooming Prejippie

Welcome to Blog-vember, y’all!

OMG! We are so excited about doing Blog-vember this year! I know, I know; I’ve found out that it’s not really a “thing” anymore, but f*ck it, it’s OUR thing, so here’s to the getting it done.

Yeah, we did it last year, because we were new and needed that challenge. We were in the midst of a gazillion other things, but as a team, we committed to do it and so we did. It was quite the f*cking mess, though. I was in class at night—after work—and throwing together posts…. It was pathetic, BUT it was DONE. #doneisthenewperfect We ended up with 23 out of 30 posts done and we celebrated that. –Again, we were new....

If you're curious, check out the "9 Things We Learned in 8 Months of Blogging" post.

We’ve been around for just a year longer and we want to try to make it work for us AND for you. What we’ve done this time is to take the game of “20 Questions” and extend it to “30 Questions” and to randomly choose questions from a bag to answer. Keep in mind that some of these questions are deep and philosophical and some of them are very light and frivolous. The goal is to keep your ass entertained while entertaining ourselves first. (--Keep in mind that Bruce has NO way of knowing what questions will be in the bag before this starts. That keeps it exciting for both us, to tell you the truth.)

Here's a little something about how we feel about "branding."

The bottom line is that we want to honor the spirit of posting daily in November—three times no less (blog post, video, and podcast), but to stay on-brand by sharing things that inspire you—our Avatar—to be more inspired and to take more action toward living your creative vision for your life.

Let us know what you think. Leave us a comment, or a review, or simply share it on your favorite social media using #bloomingprejipppie.

Thanks so much for taking this unbelievable journey with us. We ARE those d.i.y. rock stars that yo’ mama warned you about….

Until next time, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease….