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Getting Sh*t Done: a New Weekly Blogging Planner Method

Newly designed Weekly Blogging Planner Method Blog Post  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

As you may know, I have recently begun running our blog and YouTube channel full-time. Up until recently, I had a more scatter-gun approach to planning, but now I am attempting to add in full-time care of our music publishing business too, so the blogging needs to run more smoothly. I was trying to simply use my Plum Paper Planner, but I couldn’t put everything that I needed on one page. I tried online project management app Trello, but I can’t see all the parts working together, so that did me no good. Finally, I cobbled together what I needed to see with what I needed to do to create a one-sheet weekly planning page that works for me. I hope that this planner page is helpful for both bloggers, who are either D.I.Y. Rock Stars and for those who are not. It is our goal to support blogging bad-asses, who are doing their thing from scratch (like us).

This newly-crafted planning method takes into account communicating with our email list, providing time for big projects, and then also adds in weekly posts and videos. I used some of what Jonathan Milligan at Blogging Your Passion podcast talked about in his June 29, 2018 episode to make my own version. He said that folks ask him how he gets so much done. Well, I’ve been getting that same question. My answer comes from a re-jiggering of what I learned from Jonathan, as well as adding in those must do weekly responsibilities (like blog posts, videos, and social media posting).


Section One:

Milligan suggests a weekly BIG 3 GOALS (which are related to his 90-day goals, like writing books, courses, or devising new email campaigns). He does not include his weekly blog posts or videos in this section. —Well, what I had to do was to ADD in those must haves—because I am new to keeping to a schedule, so it’s helpful to be reminded of those as well. (—Because I have one foot in the blog world and one foot in our music recording/publishing business, I get more scattered than most, I am sure.) When I get distracted—which happens often—I come back to look at THIS must-do list for the week. ​

15 Tips for Better Band Photos  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

I fill in the top 3 tasks that go with each of these 6 BIG goals. I take a look at the month and weeks coming and set that list either the week before, the Sunday of that week, or first thing on Monday morning.

Section Two: