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Gab & Jam Episode 5: What's a "Prejippie"?

What's a "Prejippie"? Gab & Jam Episode 5  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

We like behind the scenes songwriting inspiration and origins videos, which is why this episode will focus on the history and thinking behind the name “Prejippie.”


Here are the highlights of our history:

  • Bruce had the name when we met in 1986. (He explains why in the episode at roughly 2:57 in video.)

  • The word “Prejippie” literally means “preppy,” “jitterbug,” and “hippie.”

  • Bruce explains a little about the double consciousness of being an African-American (which is a sub-culture) within the dominant American culture and about how all that influenced his thinking on a base level. He says that he heard a recent interview by Lenny Kravitz, where he echoed a similar sentiment. —Seriously, see the video!

  • Philosophically, it means a free-combining of a variety of different cultural and genres perspectives in one and one-to-one.

  • Bruce resisted using the word, initially, because he hates to be what he calls a “template” person, or someone who you can depend on to do the same things all the time. I’ve since convinced him that, because “Prejippie” by its very definition is a cobbling together of multiple influences, he can afford to call himself—and all his music that—without danger of being predictable. Phew! I’m glad we’ve committed to it fully.

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Musical Philosophy:

  • Bruce answers the question of how bei