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Spillin’ Tea (August 2018): Re-jiggering . . .

Spillin' Tea August 2018  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

A Shift in Our Focus…

I think I’d lost myself in there somewhere…. With the blogging groups—which I love—but I am not innocent and my world no longer revolves around my kids anymore and church is no longer a major focus. After my in-laws and then my mom passed, I had to find myself and learn to stand alone and figure out what it is that I REALLY, REALLY want to say. Unfortunately, it was NOT what I am seeing out there. I am also not so obsessed with money that I can look at all that we’re doing as SIMPLY a business. –Yes, we need it to make money this time around, but just as I don’t want to sell my time for money anymore, I know that if there’s no heart in it, then I don’t even want to pursue it at all. So, I know our blog is shifting its focus to our original goal of attracting our creative tribespeople.

A quick re-cap of our Gearfest 2018 trip and a preview of our upcoming Chicago trip

Stop Researching!

While preparing our first eBook ever, I am trying to resist the urge to continue researching endlessly and to just dive in and get started. The problem with that is that I will begin working on something—like making a beta-launch page with graphics for the eBook we're writing—and then realize that there’s something that I DON’T know…. (like how the hell to make a book cover mock-up and what things should absolutely be included on this thing!). This leads me on a quest that takes up time from actually writing the fricking book! Thus, pushing back finishing even that much further. So, I have given myself permission to keep it pushing and crank this mothersucker out! (Links to come)