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Spillin’ Tea (August 2018): Re-jiggering . . .

Spillin' Tea August 2018  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

A Shift in Our Focus…

I think I’d lost myself in there somewhere…. With the blogging groups—which I love—but I am not innocent and my world no longer revolves around my kids anymore and church is no longer a major focus. After my in-laws and then my mom passed, I had to find myself and learn to stand alone and figure out what it is that I REALLY, REALLY want to say. Unfortunately, it was NOT what I am seeing out there. I am also not so obsessed with money that I can look at all that we’re doing as SIMPLY a business. –Yes, we need it to make money this time around, but just as I don’t want to sell my time for money anymore, I know that if there’s no heart in it, then I don’t even want to pursue it at all. So, I know our blog is shifting its focus to our original goal of attracting our creative tribespeople.

Stop Researching!

While preparing our first eBook ever, I am trying to resist the urge to continue researching endlessly and to just dive in and get started. The problem with that is that I will begin working on something—like making a beta-launch page with graphics for the eBook we're writing—and then realize that there’s something that I DON’T know…. (like how the hell to make a book cover mock-up and what things should absolutely be included on this thing!). This leads me on a quest that takes up time from actually writing the fricking book! Thus, pushing back finishing even that much further. So, I have given myself permission to keep it pushing and crank this mothersucker out! (Links to come)

It Could Be YOU! Making it in the NEW Music Business  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

eCourse Crazy!

—Yep, that’s me. I set a deadline for completion at the end of the month, but between Gearfest and the upcoming Chicago trip, I certainly will not be able to finish this up in that time-frame. Again, I will re-jigger that time-frame, but dive in, head-first to get the dirty deed done.

Getting in all down

We’re two days after Gearfest 2018 and I’m still in the clouds. What I need to do is to come down long enough to put together my collateral ideas, but though that is the goal, that is also the most challenging thing to do at this time. It took all of yesterday—after getting back into town—just to recuperate. Now, here I am on Monday morning, trying to make coherence of it all… The pot of coffee is on and off I go, into the fray!


June's Proud Moments:

Having seen all that craziness—going on in my head and in our world—it’s a wonder that we got anything done this month, but darn Skippy, we did.

To come:

What super cool inspirational pursuits have you been up to?

What’s been lighting your creative torch?

Please do share in the comments below.

Until next we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!


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