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Spillin' Tea: Floral Flurry

Spillin' Tea 4 --Blooming Prejippie

What have we been up to?

The real question is “What haven’t when been up to?!”

Blog-vember Challenge: We posted for 22 days straight during the month of November, which was a true challenge, but helped us all grow as blogging partners—we roped our kids in for a for a few posts—and helped get us back to the creative part of our dream gig.

Giveaways: We closed out both giveaways—Find Our Tribe and Gratitude Grab Bag—and started planning what we are going to do for the next.

Turkey Trot: As a family, we participated in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (which was our follows our philosophy articulated in The Burn Before the Buns post). Again, another great family bonding opportunity and a way to stay fit during this indulgent holidays.

Real World Networking: We attended another offline networking event—Women in Harmony—where we met quite a few local women who are creative and looking to take over the Michigan musical world. We listened to a quick talk on empowerment, watched a live performance by local performer, Julie Haven, and handed out our now infamous merch goodie bags. A good time was had by all. (Shout out to Pastel, a local creative workspace—and to Green Bell Marketing for spearheading the event.)

Muse Queue: We started a section of our blog that specifically showcases truly inspiring and obscure products, places, and activities. If you can think of a link that we should add, click here to add your link.