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Blog-vember #16 Behind the Scenes: The Process to “Audrey, Please”

Audrey, Please Process   --Blooming Prejippie Zine

The Journey to Finishing “Audrey, Please”

It is my goal to track, from beginning to end, our journey with the song “Audrey, Please (Not Like the Others).” As of this writing, we are not done, but I am sharing where we are at the moment.

The song was actually started on our trip to Toronto on the July 4th weekend 2017. We were hanging out in the hotel room on Canada Day 150 and Bruce started playing this Nirvana-like guitar riff. I couldn’t resist. I started singing the words that popped in my head, which were “Audrey, please. Don’t eat me. I’m not like the others. Not like the others.” Since I had a had a glass of Merlot, I was vibing and he was digging it, so he kept playing it.

In my mind, the music is our way of channeling Nirvana’s “In Bloom” sound and the lyrics are a mutation/interpretation of “Little Shop of Horrors” (one of our favorite musicals). In fact, the name “Audrey” and the “get eaten” concept are allusion to “Little Shop” directly.

When we returned home, he tried it again and I was still into the groove and added a few more words. Months later, I sat down with the groove—which I had used for the Boss Katana unboxing video—and wrote most of the rest of the lyrics.

I’ve been enamored with the idea ever since. It is my goal to show how this song has evolved from that inception until its current incarnation, so feast….

Here are the written lyrics to “Audrey, Please” (as written on August 11, 2017):