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Spillin' Tea: Summer of Firsts

Spillin' Tea 1 --Blooming Prejippie

I wanted to start by saying that this space (deemed a “category” to give its own corner of the blog) is so that we can share what Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge) calls “State of the Blog.” This is spot where we speak what is on our heart right as we are in this moment. We also will use this space to reflect on the past, as well as give a glimpse into our ideas for the future of Blooming Prejippie.

All we can say is that this has been what we label “Our Summer of Firsts.” For me, it was my first summer of living for myself (involved a lot of introspection and self-discovery). This led to a first summer of hopping out of bed, excited to see what had happened overnight (with our international pursuit) and being eager to get to work for myself. This is, again, the first time I had had this consistent momentum EVER! It was the first time for us working together in harmony on our creative pursuits (and really feeling like we are both giving each other space, but keeping within our shared and individual visions for our art and efforts). It the first time, really, of us throwing ourselves headfirst into marketing (and putting most fears aside). We created our first talk show. We monetized our videos for the first time. We took our first international family trip. (–Toronto surely deserves its own set of posts.) It was first time trying to actively use blogging technology, video technology, and Garage Band as a part of the creative output. Personally,

It was the first time I took adult contemporary dance class–more on this when I am brave enough to tell. It was the first summer after having left the church we had helped found and had been a part of for 10 years. And it was my first summer ever without my mom. (She passed last October.)

Gab and Jam Episode 1 --Blooming Prejippie

Our big point here is that this was a summer that had the potential to be really super crappy. However, because we went back to tend to that small seed inside. That seed of promise and hope that gives us quality of life; that makes us find just the right clothes to put on before we leave the house. That helps us choose to smile even when sometimes we see no reason to. That helps us forgive people for their flaws without holding a grudge against them. That idea that we are meant to be so much more than we are today. That idea that, if we take the blessing of having gotten out of bed and of being able to create, we can realize that vision for our lives. Maybe not today, but maybe today. To realize that the only things that stop us is our inability to have faith in our own vision. Or to let someone else define our vision, instead of watering the one that we planted deep inside a long time ago.