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You're Invited. (Or why this? And why now?)

Actually, zines are not new to us; we ran one a gazillion years ago—long before there was a usable internet—in the days of dial-up. It lasted a couple of years. We have truly missed it. We missed the community of folks who seemed to share similar interests—who loved poetry and edgy art and questioned everything with a fresh perspective. We kinda missed that “Land of Mis-fit Toys” mentality. While it can sometimes be destructive, it can also be freeing and cause you to create more intentionally and more deeply.

We have been involved with many other things over the past 10 years, but we realized that we still have not found the type of camaraderie of people who embrace their humanity but leverage it for something strange, new and beautiful. We miss that.

Needless to say, we have lost many loved ones since then and have decided that we don’t have time to burn anymore and must get back to our original mission—to find our place in music and culture where we can be ourselves and where we can be accepted as simply that. So….we’re baaaaaack! And want to share what we have learned and the things that turn us on. And we want to hear from you.

Times have changed and the internet has allowed us to reach out quicker, wider, and more often. We hope to find our place in the sun with other sun-burned folks.

Check out our YouTube videos:

If you think that’s you, then come right on in.

Explore. Comment. Share.

And return.