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10 Reasons NOT to Have Only One Social Media Profile (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

This blog post loosely follows Gab & Jam Episode 141

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Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE to interact on Facebook! In fact, it is the number one place that we engage with you all. It’s just that there are ALL kinds of reasons NOT to put all our eggs in that social media basket. Would you be surprised to hear that we have over 23k+ followers on over 30 platforms? That’s right. (Stay tuned to see ALL the places that we have a presence.)

Why soooooooo many places?

If you have told me that we SHOULD have a presence on SOOOO many places when we began this blogging, podcasting, video-making, and music making journey, I would have said you were crazy! In fact, when I heard someone on some podcast say that you it’s a waste of time to spread yourself so widely between so many, it was JUST what I wanted to hear. And, truth be told, that was what we needed in the very beginning; to simply START on one and start building the infrastructure (the friends, the basic branding, and get some posts up). However, as these last 4 years has whizzed past, we have learned that there are way too many benefits to having MANY places to share versus fewer. While you may NOT get crazy with the cheese whiz and have 30 profiles (and counting!), this post is intended to help fellow D.I.Y. Rock Stars understand why having more than ONE social media platform.

11 Reasons NOT to Have Only One Social Media Profile

Okay, so this is really 11 Reasons NOT to Have Only One Social Media Profile (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star). As we were fleshing out the reasons, we teased out one REALLY big one, which we put in at the end, so that makes 11!

1. You can be demonetized

If your post contains something BELIEVED to be copyrighted OR “questionable” material, the platform may limit your ability to make money off of it—i.e. Rick Beato, a YouTuber and rock record producer who analyzes classic rock songs. The minute he uses over 10 seconds of someone else’s song, you will not make money on your video. What’s worse is that the band can ask that you take the video down. While we appreciate the band’s right to make money off of their art AND to have control over who uses their music, it really sucks if you’re simply singing their praises (as Beato does). And if your hustle on YouTube is how you make YOUR living, it’s not cool when you’ve put upward of 15 hours, sometimes, into making a video, only to have it be demonetized—or yanked altogether. Beato has mentioned that, in order to salvage playing the video at all WITH the song clips included, he posts onto ANOTHER video social media channel; which is the first VERY good reason to have more than one video sharing social media profile.