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Learn how to be the Hero of your own story

Roughly Gab & Jam episode 215. Learn how to be the HERO of your own story

“You are the hero/villain of your own story.” —Blooming Prejippie (2022 Motto)

This one our favorite ideas around here, so when I turned into this Creative Pep Talk episode

(ep. 346 3 Steps for How to Start 2022 Back in Your Creative Sweet Spot ) we KNEW it was going to be speaking our language. So, we’re going to summarize what Andy J. Pizza talks about in his episode, while adding our additional insight.


Here are 4 things you are going to realize before you fully own your heroism:

1. You are going to have to take action

2. Play the long game (Things are different now that even if someone “discovers” you, it may not lead to the kind of success that it used to do); think of your creative practice as a long journey (more of a growth mindset)

3. Be ready to tackle individual, as-they-come challenges; and not that huge challenge near the end (because that is too overwhelming).

4. You are going to change to meet those challenges as they come.


Here are the 3 levels for knowing which challenge you are facing at what time and what to do about them (including next action steps):

1. People are not even aware you exist

Give them an opportunity to know you—focus on getting the word out by figuring out where to establishing yourself in a place where your people are and it’s easy to share. Scout out new locations.

2. Do you have any true fans; not just followers?

You need folks who will spend money on your art. In order to thrive, you need people who vibe enough to spend money on you. These are a small group of folks who won’t shut up about you. Figure out the goal you want; name the value you want, and create the 10 things in the next 6 weeks to make this kind of art.

3. You aren’t making enough money from folks.

Figure out what to offer to solidify these relationships. Find the products that you can offer where they can show their commitment to you. Identify a product that is a great essence of your product to offer.

Wrap up...

We thought all of these ideas to be helpful to wrangle control of your mindset, so that you slay the day with your goals. What’s more is that this episode DOESN’T just rev you up, but it also has actionable steps you can take (which is our favorite thing ever now). So, we hope you find this helpful and will go rock and roll on the momentum you get.

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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