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Goals for 2022 (for US D.I.Y. Rock Star)

This post is roughly the discussion from Gab & Jam 213. Goals for 2022

(for us D.I.Y. Rock Stars) (video: and podcast: )

Benefits of Creating a Vision Board for the D.I.Y. Rock Star

The BIG Idea....

As you might already know, we LOVED the idea of 19 Goals for 2019 (inspired by the Happier podcast) and, amazingly, it is STILL one of our top viewed videos on our YouTube channel. ( ) However, as the years are ticking upward, I can’t see the benefit of continuing to make that list longer and longer….🤷🏽‍♀️😳 In fact, as the years have ticked along and I am listening to that still small voice inside of me that says that less, but well-chosen goals, probably provide the REAL secret to success—because it gives us an automatic focus, instead of scattering our time and attention in a myriad of different places. So, I am taking my own advice, heading BACK to our vision board ( ) and deciding what we want to accomplish in this upcoming year.

Here's the ever-so-popular "19 for 2019" Goals

Why so few goals this year?

Personally, I decided to pare down, since our new motto is work smarter and not harder. What I mean is that I have decided that I would rather have a few goals that I can CONTINUALLY focus on, instead of that kinda scattered feeling that I felt when we were doing the “19 for 2019” and “20 for 2020.” Though these are still some of our MOST popular episodes ( ) —and we LOVED the novelty of the framework at first (borrowed from the “Happier” podcast)—having fewer, but more concentrated goals kept me from straying from the path (so I even reworked the vision board to pare down as well ( ). So, after reviewing our vision board goals—to make sure that those are what we still WANT—we came up with a shorter, tighter list. So, here goes…


Top 5 Goals for 2022

1. Create solid monthly, evergreen, high quality blog posts.

According to my vision board, last year I was prioritizing the blog, the Gab & Jam show, and the music. I pushed back goals for the blog to just say that I want to publish as regularly as I feel something worth saying and I want to feel proud of each piece. I can say that, not only, do I feel better about this approach, but I was also able to stick with it this past year. Though I did not ALWAYS publish one post a month, I feel that what we did publish was high quality and will yield good long-term results. —Many of these post were evergreen topics, so I tried to spend a little longer writing them, and tying into past content with directed links. —While I would like to TRY to get AT LEAST one published a month this year, o don’t want to sacrifice the new quality standard that I have set for post, so if we only publish the SAME amount as last year, I will be happy.

How to turn FOMO into JOMO (for the D.I. Y. Rock Star) Blog

2. Continue to publish weekly podcast episodes (audio and video)

The second big area is Gab & Jam. This year, we had a stronger commitment to it, so I think that, not only did we come up with stronger topics—or at least topics that I cared more about and less chosen because I thought OTHER people would like them. Again, we were consistent with planning—which actually was a bump up from last year (where sometimes episodes weren’t as well-researched and organized)—and we stayed consistent. Also, I had a personal goal NOT to be rushing around to record and edit in the same day and certainly NOT in the day it was supposed to be published. —I realized that this WASNT fun to do it that way, plus I had found myself sacrificing some of the quality when I felt pressed for time. —So, I was pleased that I planned topics, filming, editing, and publishing better. 😳😊🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏾

3. Plan our activities better.

I have been using the tuning fork method for doing things—which means when I “feel” it, I go to execute. But since we’ve been preaching that planning is the way to work smarter and not harder, I figure we need to take our Own advice. That’s why we’re going to be deliberate and create a Music-related Content calendar (which we will talk more about in upcoming episode 216). We’re likely going to release a new album by the end of next year and there are SO many moving parts that we didn’t understand last time and that I would LOVE to solve for this next one, so that’s why planning THAT along with any/all other activities is going to be a key strategy.

7 Self-Care Activities for Musicians

4. Growing the music arm of this operation.

We have been neglecting figuring out how to best do it—since we have struggled with how to do that for 3 decades. We finally decided to call for help in artist mentoring program (which we will share ALL the details for in our upcoming episode 217; coming out the first Monday in February).

5 Record Release Strategies We've Never Tried---Until NOW!

5. Making money for the business.

This is a goal that I mentioned a while back, but something happened this New Year’s Day, where I woke up and had this feeling that this was our year to sell more. (For instance, I have wanted to sell ringtones for, like, 5 years now and I am finally getting our online store set up with those.) –It’s only been a week into the new year and we sold a Christmas album and some of our band merch, so good things are already happening there.


Those are some of the things we have in our sights for 2022. The first of the year is NOT the ONLY time to do this, but since many folks are in a planning mindset, you may as well taking advantage of that spirit to help your band achieve some of its goals.


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What are your goals for 2022?

We’d like to know.

Leave it in the comments below.


Here are some topics to look forward to in upcoming episodes:

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