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Rock Star Rewind: Bigger Fish to Fry (March 2019)

Rock Star Rewind March 2019 --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Happy New Year!

If we haven’t formally said it, “Happy New Year!” We have all been blessed with another year to make our magic and showcase it to the world.

Switched Tools

Speaking of showcasing it to the world, we are finally using Final Cut Pro X. Yes, I had been threatening to make the switch, but Bruce said that it should happen sooner than later, so here we are, officially, in Final Cut Pro X land. There’s a learning curve, but after a few carefully, curated curse words, I am up and running and don’t plan to turn back. (Here’s the last music video that I am ever going to do with Adobe Premiere Elements: “B Movie Queen”)

Here's our latest music video.

Starting out right…

As you probably already know, we’ve picked our “19 for 2019” and we’ve got big things planned that include you. If you can’t wait until the big roll-outs, then check out this post: (Here are video, podcast, and blog links.) I even whipped up a content calendar for the blog, so that you’ll k