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M U S E Queue

Our sweet list of Fun, Useful, and/or Necessary products or places.

If you want to add to our list, drop your suggested link in the comments box below.

Meet Ups?

Please join us...

As you might remember (from our Paris Surprises post) that our only regret is that we did not have the fore-thought to have hooked up with those super creative folks like you.  (When we got back, we heard from some of you about the fun we probably missed.) 


From now on, we are scheduling up Meet Ups no matter where we travel.  We know we’re going to South By Southwest 2019 and to London in 2019.  Are you going to be anywhere near there?  Would you like to hang out over a cup of joe?  If so, let us know by filling out the form below.




Maybe you live in a vibrant town that hosts a cutting edge festival or arts-related conference that you think would fit with some of the topics we already discuss (music, gear, inspiration, travel).  If you know for sure that your spot is worth a visit, fill out the form below and tell us a little about where you live or what conference, etc. is significant. 


And, of course, anywhere we go and any “meeting up” that we do will be a great live-stream, so pick your best band t-shirt or your best wig—whatever the case may be—and be prepared to have some fun.

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If you think that’s you, then come right on in. 

Explore. Comment.  Share. 

And return.

Here's a personal invitation to help us plan our 2019 Meet Ups.

Bruce Theory and Vox Moon

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