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New Year; New Musical Discoveries

New Musical Discoveries  2019 --Blooming Prejippie Zine

This post corresponds—but is NOT faithful—to Gab & Jam Episode 42 Musical Discoveries V2.0 Parts 1 and 2. It might be noteworthy to establish that this episode is a follow-up to our first Gab & Jam episode ( ), which nearly a year and a half ago.


As you may already have figured out, we love discovering things that are off the beaten path, so you already know that our musical tastes are going to be as unconventional as we can handle. That is the reason we persist with trying to unearth music that lights that little spark when we hear it. And in an effort to share—because who doesn’t want to share—we thought we’d open up our personal musical encounters, so that we are all enriched. That’s always our goal around here, so . . .

If discovering new music is something you like to do, check out our Funky Happy People (Who Listen to a Variety of Genres of Music) Facebook Group:

Funky Happy People Facebook Group --Blooming Prejippie