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Blog-Vember #10 On Guerilla Marketing…

Blog-vember #10  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

On putting up no stickers while on vacation or at the location college campus:

It's like dropping a seed into the ground; not knowing if it's fertile or rocky; not knowing what will take root/route…

It used to be called “guerilla marketing,” but as someone trying to make that hustle happen, taking the marketing reins by the horn is an absolute necessity. Trust me; no one can be more passionate and dedicated to your dreams than you.

Eric Thomas  --Blooming Prejippie

Having said all that, we used to be those folks who were looking for other people to not only “discover” us (but also looking for others to do all the noise making for us). We thought that marketing ourselves was in some way icky or diminishing. Coming from an era where Prince was our artistic role model, it seemed that finding—and keeping—a guru/manager is just what you did (because cream rises to the top and they will notice your sparkle and will give their all to make sure everyone knows about you). [Thanks to Stephanie Belcher (Green Bell Marketing), who reminded us of what we already know; that the music business—and many other businesses—thirty years later—have changed over the years and that much of the power to impact our world in within our own power.]

Now—thirty years later—we have come to realize that we are our best marketing kit. Our personalities are friendly and quirky. And we are a damn fine couple, who are witty and prolific and who dress really well and who make kick-ass music and all kinds of other creative stuff! Now—thirty years later—we take advantage of every daily opportunity to wow—we dress like rockstars even when we’re grocery shopping; we pass out merch wherever we go; and we walk into a room, stomping like super models. Invariably, people who encounter ask who the fuck we are and, for the first fucking time ever, we tell them “We are rockstars!” And, most importantly, we believe it.

Since we know that tomorrow’s not promised, but that today is a gift to us, what are you doing today to make your future self happy?

Share your guerilla grab-life-by-the-reins strategies below.

You say you want more info?

As always, love, peace, and chicken grease! Until tomorrow….

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Subscribe.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

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