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"Steal like an artist" principles ✨

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam, 280. "Steal like an artist" principles (video: and podcast: )

As you know, we’re ALWAYS looking for inspiration around here. So I stumbled upon this YouTube video that listed quite a few Steal Like an Artist principles this morning:

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See the episode for the full discussion.


3 Steal like an artist principles:

1. Remember that you are the sum of your influences

Since nothing is ever created brand new and from scratch, your voice comes from the combination you create by mixing them all together. Not only is this freeing, but it is ever-evolving, as you grow and change, and add new influences to what you do. You are NEVER perfectly copying your inspiration and it’s in your “imperfection” that you become just the “right” version of you. So, don’t sweat that you started out trying to “copy” someone’s song or style, because as you work through it, you will figure out where the song departs to become some new creation that’s all yours.