D.I.Y. Rock Star Round Up (August 2022)

This post loosely accompanies Gab & Jam, episodes 242-245.

We’re taking an August break, but we DIDN'T want to leave you hanging. That’s why we invite you to check out these episodes—and videos!—on topics you may have missed:

1. Unboxings

(We've shared two new ones this past week; http://bit.ly/unboxingsyoutube )

These videos, collectively, are the closest thing we’ve ever had to a studio tour. So, if you’re interested in seeing what’s in our studio, check out our unboxing videos.

2. Travel adventures

Here's to your adventure: https://bit.ly/travelplaylistvids ; https://bit.ly/sxsw2019playlist )

If you’d like to see some of the places that we’ve talked about over the years—Toronto, Nashville, South By Southwest, GearFest, Chicago—we have videos for all of our travels in the last few years. We can’t even do these places justice by talking about them, so we suggest that you take a few minutes—or half a day—to go check out what we do when we get to these awesome places.

3. Health and Wellness (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Series of health and wellness advice: https://bit.ly/blogmas2021playlist )

Finally, we cover health & wellness as our central topic for this past year’s podmas, so if you missed that, here’s the link to check out 12 days of health and wellness: https://bit.ly/blogmas2021post

Did you know that along with putting together our next album, we are working on our first book? Here’s the link, if you want to pre-order: https://bit.ly/prejippiebklanding

4. Bass Love

We have curated some videos specifically for our bass players and other folks who REALLY dig bass guitar. Included in our playlist are snippets of bass-groove songs, trips to go buy basses, and comparison videos. Check it out: https://bit.ly/bassloveplaylistvid

5. Songwriting

As you know, our PRIME passion around here is songwriting, so here are some of the tips that we have shared over these past few years.

· Tips for Songwriting: http://bit.ly/Ep104songwritingtipsblog

· Tips for Lyric Writing: http://bit.ly/Ep77BV2019blog3 · 5 Tips for Finding Your Creative, Musical Voice: http://bit.ly/findvoiceblog

6. Branding

Our NEXT favorite topic is “branding.” That’s why you will see MANY resources and advice related to making sure that folks have a clear vibe for who you are and what you do.

· Music is Not Your Most Important Asset! Branding 101 for Musicians: http://bit.ly/brandingassetblog

· 5 Reasons to Use a Pseudonym: http://bit.ly/stagenamedrule

· Tips for Discussing Politics: http://bit.ly/Ep87BV2019blog13

· D.I.Y. Rock Star branding checklist: http://bit.ly/diyrockstarbranding

· 17 Tips for Better Band Photos (ESPECIALLY if you’re taking them yourself): http://bit.ly/betterbandphotos

What do YOU think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Talk to us in the comments below.

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Here’s what we’re into now:

· Here’s what we’re into now:

· Tom Ray’s Art Podcast: https://bit.ly/tomrayspodcast2june2022

· “Sugar Fit” on Darkest Corners of the World Podcast S2 E3 http://bit.ly/sugarfitdarkestpod

· “Flying High” (from “Sugar Fit” album) on Toes in the Sand Playlist http://bit.ly/toesplaylist

· “Sugar Fit” on his Spotify “Indie: Undiscovered But Brilliant: Vol. 3” http://bit.ly/SugarFitonPlaylist2

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If you like this, you might enjoy:

· Travel adventures: https://bit.ly/travelplaylistvids

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· “Tips for Video Making (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)” http://bit.ly/Ep86BV2019blog12


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