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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Happy Harvest! 🥧 (December 2022)

Tech headaches….🙄

Well, even though I had a tough day yesterday, tech-wise, I made a BUNCH of concessions and am BACK to finding my joy. —To my credit, I created another 3 freebie opt-ins, which make great additions to our book and that can convince folks to join our tribe, but it WASN'T easy putting all the pieces together. But since “done” is the new “perfect,” I am going to count it as an accomplishment and move the fuck on. 😳🤷🏽‍♀️😬

Electronic Press Kit Basics (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star):

Short trip…

— We’re heading out of town to a sync music conference that I am just a little annoyed about before I even leave. 😬🤷🏽‍♀️— In fact, I don’t EVEN want to talk about it until it’s in the books. —Suffice it to say, we are going to try our best to extract the good from it and leave the rest, but it NEVER feels good to be going someplace “wanting.” —It’s MUCH nicer to have no real expectations, except to go, meet folks, be cute and memorable, and come home. 😬🌹 —But I am going to TRY to maintain this frame of mind—and demeanor—even as we hope to shake the hand of someone who might give our music a new opportunity for sync work. 🤷🏽‍♀️