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Artist mentoring program revealed

This post is loosely, Gab & Jam, episode 217. Artist mentoring program revealed

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This follows up to episode 213 ( ), where we talked about our BIG goals for 2022. We talked about how we’ve spent so much time building an audience for the blog, the podcast, and the YouTube channel and how we wanted to put some concentrated time into drawing fans of our music. We also talked about how we realized that we KNEW we needed help, so we had run across a couple of options that we were trying to choose between. What follows is what we chose, why we chose it, the pros and cons of the program, and what it has helped us do (in case any of you are interested in doing something similar).

In terms of choosing we had come across a more independent, learn-as-you-go, cheaper model and then one more expensive, hands-on, but with a weekly coach model. Guess which one we chose? --I will give you a hint: We’re old and would GLADLY trade time for money, which means that we don’t want to fuck around trying to figure out how to do some of the things that are required, which is why we plunked down the nice chunk of money to have a coaches’ guidance.

—The final thing that was at the top of our abbreviated, vision board-driven list, was growing the music arm of this operation; something that we were pretty dumbfounded as to how to do. We knew we might need to call in help, so we FINALLY made the decision to go with an artist mentoring program—versus the Indreprenuer model, which we had been considering for quite a while. What is the difference between the two? Well, they BOTH offered to yield us results that we DIDN'T already have, like finding people who might might actually vibe with our music to listen and then further to become members of our “fan club,” for lack of a better word. 🤷🏽‍♀️ —The MAJOR difference between the two programs is that one—Indreprenuer—is MOSTLY self-serve with teaching and coaching if you need it—whereas this Modern Musician artist mentoring is coach-led and set-up every step of the way. —Of course, this one-on-one coaching and support is NOT cheap, but we knew we wanted results quickly and that we may NEED this hands-on approach, so we ponied up the 5k upfront for 3 months (followed by about $300 a month in ancillary expenses for the coaching). —Indreprenuer is like $100 a month, from what I remember, but it’s like a lunchroom menu, where you go to the trainings that you think you need and dive right in.

—I hate to say this, as an aside, but this REALLY did factor into our choice. I have been listening to the Creative Juice podc