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4 Ways being an introvert can be an advantage (as a D.I.Y. Rock Star) ⭐️

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317. 4 Ways being an introvert can be an advantage (as a D.I.Y. Rock Star)

Artists are often introverts, who prefer to express their personalities through creating music, than to “work the room” at a conference. However, the thoughtfulness and empathy can help folks who want to build a brand win in the long run. This post was inspired by

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We realize that at the heart of the D.I.Y. Rock Star journey is marketing and selling—two things that MANY introverts might struggle with. However, if you take heed to the following, you might see how you are uniquely positioned to win even with these business basics.

4 Ways being an introvert can be an advantage (as a D.I.Y. Rock Star): ⭐️

1. Less pushy and more patient

Typically, sales folks are taught to close the sale right NOW. THAT doesn’t always translate into the online world. She mentions that in the online world—yes—you SHOULD create a sense of urgency, but if he/she doesn’t buy now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually. So, over time, the less aggressive, but persistent introvert may outsell the extrovert.

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2. More thoughtful

According to this post, introverts tend to think through a myriad of options, as opposed to the extrovert, who may make a quick decision that is led by their gut. This might lead to more creative ways to sell and, thus, growing a thriving business.

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3. More understanding of others’ concerns

This post mentions that introverts tend to take into consideration the concerns of others more readily, which might translate into more empathetic text online. Maintaining an empathetic voice can lead to creating deeper relationships with customers, peers, etc. over time, which can help the introvert succeed in business.

Your music is NOT your greatest asset:

4. Communicate more effectively through email

And what was originally deemed to be a weakness—NOT wanting to pick up the phone to contact prospects (and instead, communicate through email)—can prove a growing online business’ asset.


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By using less in-person methods of advertising and selling, like using social media, ads, and email marketing AND by taking the “long-haul” approach, introverts can “win” at business in the end.

What other fantastic introvert qualities did we leave out that might help D.I.Y. Rock Stars succeed?

We’d love to hear what you have to say!

Leave them in the comments below.

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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!

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