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Drive By Review: Fiona Apple’s “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”

Altitudes and Attitude Review Guest Post --Blooming Prejippie

What's a Drive By Review??

It's a quick hit of music review lusciousness?

Check out this short, tight feature for some informal fun.

I mean, it’s so quick that if you blink, you might miss it! So, don’t blink; here goes:

15 Tips for Better Band Photos  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Fiona Apple

“Fetch the Bolt Cutters”

(Album Review)

Title track is cool.

Really like “Balloons” song.

“Shameika” song is cute in reminding us that, though it’s nice when folks are digging what you’re doing, it feels even BETTER to already “know” this….

Woman Empowerment Theme?

Unusual sounds (like dog barks and stuff).

Her usual sound formula. Similar to her old albums.

The sound is sparse, raw, with a folk song sensibility.

Kinda reminds me of