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Review of Altitudes and Attitude's “Late” (Single)

Altitudes and Attitude Review Guest Post --Blooming Prejippie

There's nothing like the third time...

Anselm Anderson, our guest music reviewer, is back with his third review. Thank God his specialty's hard rock, because we love to keep our ear-to-the-ground on new hardcore music.

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Altitudes and Attitude

(Single Review)

Altitudes and Attitude is a band I recently played on my radio show, Rockstarclassics. I found the duo’s more radio-friendly approach was more apt for a Monday afternoon show.

The band is the brainchild of Anthrax’s bassist, Frankie Bello, and Megadeth’s bassist, Dave Ellefson. The duo—most notable for their contribution to Thrash Metal—released “Late,” from their most recent album, “Get It Out.” This is a follow-up to 2014’s self-titled EP, which is produced by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther, Stone Sour). The music is the product of nearly ten years of nonstop touring and writing together to create a cathartic exercise for Bello. “Late” is a biography of years of pent-up rage caused by highs and lows of his life (including the death of his brother, as well as his father running away from home when he was a child). The lyrics are heartfelt, but the music poignant.

This first track from the album features the ever-virtuosic guitar play by Kiss's Ace Frehley. The track begins with a catchy melodic hook that draws the listener in (like a hazy dream) before the duo explodes with a double harmonic guitar riff that resonates reminiscent of a lot of those arena-friendly acts you catch at festivals.

The guitar play is straight and simple, with power chords signaling the haunting textures, as Bello enters the fray on vocals. His raspy voice conveys all that raw emotion previously stated to create a strangely likeable song with a strong melody that sticks in your mind. Frehley enters toward the end, with a blazing solo, that I personally feel isn’t needed. Ellefson’s smooth bass work is enough to support Bello (and the catchy riff) to create a favorite for any radio programme. It is certainly not what you expect from two of metal’s best bass players, but it is worth the listen.

“Get It Out” was released on January 18, 2019 via Megaforce Records.

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More about our GUEST Music Reviewer:

Anselm Anderson, Guest Blogger

My name is Anselm Anderson and I am a freelance publisher from the North-West of England, United Kingdom.

My passions are writing and playing music with ambitions on becoming Music journalist. I currently host my own blog entitled Rockstarblogs that reviews the best in unsigned music. My other experiences are writing for several other musical publications including The Old School Project, Neon Music and RockChicMe. I enjoy playing guitar and studying music. I also host a weekly rock show online called Rockstarclassics that looks at the stories behind the most legendary bands around.

My favourite genre is all things rock, metal and soul, so expect an insight into some of the best in new metal and rock tracks.

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