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Rock Star Rewind: All the Things...(January 2019)

Rock Star Rewind December 2018  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

ALL the things….

As you probably have already heard, November was a super busy month. It wasn’t just because of the annual Thanksgiving holiday. It wasn’t just because of the school-related activities (like band concerts and the school play). It wasn’t just because of the snow—which naturally slows me down to a crawl, where all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with my hubby and a cup of tea and binge on Netflix. –No, it wasn’t any of that; it was the super huge fucking challenge that we gave ourselves! Yes, we did Blog-vember again this year and if you’ll recall from our last newsletter, we have ratcheted up to not one post a day; but to 3 posts a day (a video, a podcast, and a blog post) for 30 days! Yep, that’s 90 posts ALONG WITH all the other stuff that was already a part of a busy, budding holiday season! —Yeah, we were crazy for even thinking about it, but now, we’re certifiable after trying to keep up with the 27 graphics and social media posts a day and the two solid workdays to schedule each post on each platform for the coming week, etc., etc. Even as I TRIED to stay to the strategies I’d laid down in a recent blog post, there were times when I simply wanted to stop the madness and settle into that wintery holiday mode and NOT to worry about ALL the things associated with pushing out that much content in a short span of time.

15 Tips for Better Band Photos  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

But…. then, I remembered why we embarked on it in the first place and that helped me dig in and do what needed to be done. We remembered that in order to REALLY be in charge of our own destinies and to serve up the best of our talents was a full-time, roll-your-sleeves-up kinda gig. We remembered that not only would it increase our reach right before some of the downturn of the holiday season, but also that we that we actually LOVE sharing AND getting feedback on a grand scale. So, there’s all of that…

On the verge of doing 2019 planning…

I feel a shift under my skin…. Kept running into tools to help me pitch better…. Not ignoring the signs… Gathering all the disparate clues and using them to break out with pitches for the new year. I want ALL the things….

—Here’s my deal: I CAN NOT—Do you hear me?—CAN NOT go back to doing things that just sell time for money. What I want to do for a living is what I am doing now. I will fight the Devil to get this done. I know there’s money out there for what we are doing. I plan to get it. Trust that.

I loved BizChix’s idea of doing a reflection on the past year and figuring out what you hated and what you loved. Natalie Eckdahl then suggests that you use this to move away from activities that you despise and put in more time for the things you love. That’s a great place to start. And to fill in gaps around that thinking with events, holidays, family time, launches, vacations, etc. I realize that it’s kinda late to be sitting down and doing this, but beyond some really big items (like our South By Southwest trip and Meet Up and our London trip), we hadn’t done any month to month planning, so here we go…. (HERE'S HOW WE PLAN: Weekly Blogging Planning Method)

Keep Creativity Flowing.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Wishing you all the best….

Finally, I’m not going to prattle on any more about what we’re doing. We really just want to stop and wish all of you—the folks who make this journey enjoyable and possible—an incredibly wonderful holiday filled with more joy and more peace than ever! Hug the little ones, kiss all grannies, take the dog on an extra-long walk, take yourself an enormous bubble bath…. Do whatever it is that makes you and yours happier and feeling more togetherness. That’s what this season is about for me. After all of the hustle and bustle of Blog-vember, I am going to cuddle up with my loved ones and just enjoy each day….

Resource: BizChix 2019 Planning Sheet

Here is the final part of the Prince Top 20 Songs Countdown video.


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