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Sunshine Blogger Award: Thanks for the Nomination!

Day 18 Blog-vember 2018 --Blooming Prejippie

First of all, thanks littlemisadvencha for nominating us for this awesome award! I am delighted to know that our blogging pixie dust has spread throughout the galaxy and has graced us with this nomination. I am less delighted with the fact that I did not realize that we were nominated until now; I just happened to have googled us for something else and happened upon it. The bottom line is that we couldn’t be happier and will spread this love on to the next group of bloggers.

If you're curious, check out the "9 Things We Learned in 8 Months of Blogging" post.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

While I could not find definitive proof of who was originally behind it, this is what I found out from a past recipient, Coleman Concierge: “The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.” That’s something that we can dig. We love sharing in projects designed to showcase and uplift creativity and inspiration, so this it was easy to get on board with this movement.

Here's a little something about how we feel about "branding."

Strategy for Posting and Choosing:

In order to answer these questions given to us by our nominator—most of which are travel-related—we will try to simply go with our gut; which means that the first thing we FEEL like saying is what we’ll say.

In order to choose new nominees, I can say that I have been curious about most of the folks on this list from the moment I learned about them. I wanted to know more about the thinking behind their blogs and then, also how they run their blogs. Therefore, the questions that we have chosen reflect this innate nosiness. (–Did you want me to lie to you or to tell you the truth?)