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7 Self-Care Activities for Musicians

Blog-vember Day 11 2018 --Blooming Prejippie

7 Self-Care Activities for Musicians

Even though we’re on overdrive—since we feel as if we’ve lost sooo many years toward our goals—we know that the fundamental principle of taking care of one’s self (mentally and physically) is the key to any outward success. It is in support of that idea that we are sharing some of the ways to best make sure that, as an artist, business person, performer, you stop and take care of yourself even while pursuing your creative vision.

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Growing our social media reach from 700 Facebook friends to reaching over 10k friends/followers/viewers on 7 different platforms has taken consistent daily effort. Managing 2 creative businesses (the blog—and associated efforts—and the music publishing company) requires could require every waking hour of every waking day. However, we have found that if we don’t stop and take care of living life and sharing time with loved ones (see why we do what we're doing), taking care of our bodies, and enjoying things like holidays and long walks, we are not at our peak mental state to be able to do what we want and, subsequently, what needs to be done to get what we want. (see the Vision Board D.I.Y.). So even though we are relentlessly creating and distributing ideas and products, we make sure to take the time to fill up our physical and emotional tank by engaging in these self-care practices regularly.

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Part of what keeps our empire up and running is that we find the time to do some form of these every week without fail. When we don’t, we realize that we are not at our best. Feeling good in our bodies and keeping a good mindset are the keys to being able to do more. Magically, when we are able to do more, we have more success, and when we have more success, we want to do even more.

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These are not in any particular order, and be sure these are just a part of what helps