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"Waxing" Poetic: Olivia Gatwood Performance Review

Olivia Gatwood Poetry Recital  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Olivia Gatwood Reading

March 17, 2018

7 p.m.

at The Hosting

University of Michigan campus

Here's an Olivia Gatwood Playlist for your listening and viewing pleasure.

…While I am NOT proud and have come from mighty humble beginnings, but when I saw that there were floor seats and chair seats, I automatically walked straight to the chairs. –And the dog? Don’t get me to talking about the fucking dog…. Ambiance? Having talked all that shit, I can honestly say that I appreciate Anya Klapischak and her venture, The Hosting, for allowing us to see who I would come to agree is an amazing poet in an up-close and intimate setting. Anya, founder and proprietor of The Hosting, runs an art gallery and a performance space on central campus at University of Michigan. She is stepping out there and making shit happen on terms that appear to be all her own.

—Let me back up: This evening, I took Zandalee (my daughter) and her friends to a poetry reading. —No, I did not know the poet.