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Docs in a Box: My Name-Brand Obsession for Doc Martens

Today, I am the proud owner of—you’ve guessed it—yet another pair of Doc Martens.

I’ve been stalking these at Urban Outfitters every Saturday for the past three months and, on a random trip to Urban with my hubby snubby, there they are—on the clearance rack, no less. (And maybe I'm the only one, but I LOVE to spend less than I thought I would on something that I want. #frugal) –And for 20% off, additionally, if you’re an app user! That was a no-brainer. My better half quickly ascertained that these MUST be acquired. Because I am not like all other basic bitches; I had to allow him to indulge in his pleasure (which is to please me) and so I was happy to help him make sure that they fit my feet.

This makes my fifth pair of Doc Martens, but this makes them no less special than the first pair that I snagged on eBay. My first pair was self-purchased (high-top white). My second and third pairs were gifts from my family. (–Journey’s is their spot to snag ‘em.) My fourth pair was my commitment to a sandal with an attitude. But I chose these when I’d made my weekly browsing pilgrimage into the store and realized that I could get low-top Docs with so much personality that all other ideas of work shoes would be rendered helpless in their sights. –As often as I can, I try to bring a li