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How we got on 18 Playlists in One Week (Thoughts on Groover) 📻

Loosely accompanies Gab & Jam 286. How we got on 13 Playlists in One Week (Thoughts on Groover) (video: and podcast: )

We heard about this website where we could connect with bloggers, playlist curators, and online radio stations, but was responsive. We were intrigued.

See the episode for the full discussion.


This is a non-sponsored post and this is NOT meant to be a full review of this website. We just wanted to share a little of our experience with it. All I can say is that it’s been one week and we have been added to 13 playlists and radio station lineups through Groover.

What is Groover?

It’s a website that connects those releasing music with bloggers, playlist curators, and online radio stations through 7 day campaigns and for a certain fee. It is similar to Hypedit, but it actually has an international group of folks who are asking for our genres; whereas, Hypedit did not seem to cater to anything by EDM, electronic, and hip hop/rap music. –Our genres are funk and world.


Here are some things to note about Groover:

1. It's cheap

If you’ve EVER spent money promoting your music, you will realize that you CAN’T get attention if you don’t dig deep into your pockets. We have spent as much as $5,000 toward getting folks to know about our music. So, for about $2 per submission, Groover was a REALLY inexpensive alternative.

Here's what costs a bunch of money--BUT was worth it.....Our music mentoring experience:

2. Less effort on the front end

Again, I KNOW we’re preaching to the choir here, but ANY other process that we have gone through to get playlist opportunities or ration station play has involved finding the contact info for the person, sending an email, and waiting. The thing is that ALL takes quite a lot of time and keeping track of who you have pitched to and who has responded is tedious. However, that was NOT the case with Groover. We had just had to set up a profile for each of your artists, add links, and a description of the song, and finally, add a short “pitch” for the campaign. You choose from a filtered list of curators to decide who you want to pitch to and then, it’s off to the races, so to speak!

81 types of social media posts:

3. Quick, large response

So, campaigns last 7 days, but within ONE day, we began seeing folks listen, share, and give feedback. The good part about that, is that, if they DO follow up with these folks, you have taken the first steps in forming what we hope to be longer-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships. –Remember that these are playlist curators, radio stations, and bloggers all over the world, who you NOW have a budding relationship with.

4. Looks like a landslide, though…..

BUT, dang!, once you click send on the campaign, you’d better fucking be READY for the deluge of emails—roughly, three or four for every playlister! What this means is that you’re inbox is FLOODED with emails that NEED to be responded to, if you want to get put on their playlist. –Plus, if you’re like me, you will want to go to the playlist, take a screenshot of our placement, play our song, grab the link (and make a Bitly link for our files (see this post for more on that: ), and then, write an thank you email to the playlister. It’s all THAT that requires the extra time! —Plus, for me, it was keeping track of who I had responded to—and who I had NOT—that became something important to track. –All of this turned into a full week of dedicated lunch-time—AND prep-time—work for me.

Why use a shortened URL?

5. A lot of attention

When all is said and done, we calculate that this ONE song has had MORE attention than we received after quite a bit more effort and money that we put into our ENTIRE Sugar Fit promotion cycle! Having realized that, we can say that it has been WORTH IT no matter what the extra work. Plus, since a campaign only lasts 7 days, you KNOW you’ll be putting in the extra effort for quite a bevy of rewards, so it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

6. Find a strategy

I had to come up with a strategy to “dig out” from under the massive amounts of responses to our songs (I have to admit that it was overwhelming once this whole thing first began—and to think that we sent TWO SEPARATE songs—one for Bourgeoisie Paper Jam and one for Tony Webb—so, we were in for DOUBLE the treat! But it’s okay, because I know that this is what it takes for folks to know about all the awesome music that we make, so….

No, this is NOT an ad for Groover! We just thought that, if you are like us and want to get hears on your releases for NOT that much money and are willing to roll up your sleeves to dig through the deluge of emails, you might want to give these folks a try.

Groover: (Yes, this is an affiliate link. We will earn a small commission if you go through this link, but it will not cost you anything extra.)


Groover Campaign "Give Your Love Freely" Results, so far:

  1. The Rhythm Passport Cabinet of Curiosities - April 2023 playlist:

  2. Resonancia Groover April 2023 playlist;

  3. Descobertas @escutassom

  4. daChance Radio at

  5. Online radio station (Good Music Radio):

  6. Online radio station (Volting Group, France);

  7. Tinnitist Groover 204 playlist:

  8. "Discover New Sounds Worldwide";

  9. Tinnitist Groover 204 playlist:

  10. Divine Radio London (online radio station):

  11. "Groover by Vini Mendes" playlist:

  12. Maryjuana (added us to 4 different playlists):

16. Shared a review to

17. Radiolovestars shared to website:

18. Music Alive shared to website:

Even the rejections are informative and kind, though honest......

What about you?

What incredible resource have YOU discovered?


Did you know that along with putting together our next album, we are working on our first book? Here’s the link, if you want to pre-order:


Here’s what we’re into now:

· We’re featured in Variety Magazine!

· One of our videos for our song, “Tell Me What You Want,” is going gangbusters in Vietnam!

· “Faith in Me” on Union 999 Independent Playlist:

· “I Miss You” got picked up for a Spotify Playlist!


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Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!




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