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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Seeing Butterflies… 🦋 (September 2021)

Seeing Butterflies…. 🦋

We’ve been seeing butterflies wherever we go. You KNOW us; we can’t JUST chalk it up to coincidence….. We looked it up and seeing butterflies is an indication of transformation. And that’s cool…. We USED to have a framework for thinking about who we were and about what we can do. Now, we're discovering that we can be SO much more. We are going to have to let who we were GO and appreciate who we have BECOME, which are people that we could have never have been before. THAT'S what a long time in the game gets you. THAT'S the payoff for time spent growing and changing. That said, we are open to new and different ways of being and so, for better or worse, we’re in this metamorphosis. Here are a few quick updates on things that are in the progress.

181. Musical Discoveries #4 on Gab & Jam

Normal???? 🥷

Things getting “back to normal”; To be completely honest, email open rates are not what it was during pandemic. In fact, at first, as I talked about quite a while ago, it seems ( Now that people are not shut in the house, and NOT glued to their iPads, engagement is JUST not the same. But that’s cool, since it means that WE can FINALLY travel again… but we’d gotten spoiled by that nice LARGE and juicy open rate….🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh, well…. We’ll keep doing what we do no matter what, so….

184. The new charm of old tech on Gab & Jam

South By Southwest 2022 🌵

‘Got our asses in gear quickly to get SXSW pitch in; the anticipated timeline was MUCH shorter than we were originally told, but we did it. 🙌🏾 Get ready, because we are TRULY going to need your help, if we make it to phase 2. (Getting nostalgic? Check out SXSW 2019)

How to Enjoy Chicago Post-Pandemic 2021

183. 5 Things we like about Chicago on Gab & Jam (video: and podcast: )


FINALLY hiring a coach… ⚽

Embarking on music mentoring program for assistance with Sugar Fit promo; as we have mentioned before, we have been trying to find folks to help us with some of the things that don’t know and/or haven’t been doing as well. —We KNOW we fought against hiring professionals (see ), but we don’t want our funk album, “Sugar Fit,” to figuratively “die on the vine” as we are trying to figure out promotions, we’ve decided to stop being so proud and hire some help with this. We will share more about that process as we move along in the program, but the MAIN reasons is that we DIDN’T want to look up and realize it’s Christmas and see that NOTHING significant has happened with the album. We KNOW it’s good music, so we SHOULD be able to use their guidance—and their services—to gain some new, TRUE fans. That’s what they promise, so we will gladly pay to make this happen.

182. Best of Gab & Jam (video: podcast: )

Smells like progress 🌹

Getting approached by companies for partnerships; we realize that this means that our shine is expanding, which feels great after these 4.5 years of work; we MIGHT be doing a product review soon…. We’ll see…. 🤷🏾‍♀️

South By Southwest 2022 Workshop Pitch


Seeking input…. 📝

Two topics that we’d like your input on before we shoot the episodes (Prince v. Michael Jackson and Best Music Advice). We will provide more details in the days and weeks to come....

183. 5 Things we like about Chicago on Gab & Jam

Gracias… 🙏🏾

Thank you all, as always, for continually supporting us no matter what changes we’re undergoing. We appreciate you ALWAYS having our backs!

Are YOU seeing butterflies, too?

What things are causing change in you?

We’d LOVE to support you in YOUR transformation.


Here's what we're most proud of this month:


1. 100k Prejippie Music on SoundCloud plays!

2. 49.2k Gab & Jam plays on SoundCloud!

3. South By Southwest pitch is sent!

4. Don’t know how we MISSED this guest mention:

5. Chicago trip is memorialized

Gab & Jam:

Blog Posts:

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing


Song Clips:

124. “Bass Beat Breakdown”

125. “Homespun Bass Groovy Harmony” @Fodera #Fodera #bass

126. “Hot Off Chicago” @Fodera #Fodera

127. “All Your Ways” @Fender #Fender #bass

Song to SoundCloud:


All Things Sugar Fit: 🍭

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