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D.I.Y. Rock Star Rewind: Not like ANY Thanksgiving yet…. (January 2023)

Not like ANY Thanksgiving….

— I don’t know. THIS doesn’t feel like ANY Thanksgiving I have had before and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️😳

6 Benefits of doing a song challenge (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star):

You can do ANYTHING…..

I guess I feel informed by that saying that I heard on somebody’s podcast this past week: “You can do ANYTHING, but you can’t do EVERYTHING!” After waking up from what felt like a fog (in 2016, when Mom passed), I think I have been EAGER to do EVERYTHING. And so we have been BUSY, busy, busy! But now, after having SO many obligations and responsibilities that sometimes I can hardly breathe, I DON'T think my value is in my busyness anymore. Now, I am back to that idea that, more than ANYTHING else right now, I want to enjoy my life, and the life I have built and enjoy the people that “get” me—instead trying to CONTINUE to reel in those folks that DON’T. And I just want to dwell in this place. In the now. In savoring. —But since I am SO accustomed to looking around to see what “can” be done, wanting to be in this new headspace is requiring me to CONSTANTLY ask myself if this is something I WANT to do or if it’s simply something that I “can” do, which is weird. 🙄 What it means is that EACH day I realize that some things stay firmly while others, that I have grown so USED to doing, fall by the wayside pretty quickly, which makes me feel guilty sometimes. —I don’t want to be a flibbertigibbet, but if THAT’S where I lie, then that’s what it is, I guess…

Is the Taxi Road Rally Worth It (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)?