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Rock Star Rewind: Making Mojo . . . (May 2019)

Rock Star Rewind March 2019 --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Mojo Momentum

It’s not our intention to brag about ANYTHING that is happening now. We TRULY want to share that we are in awe of all that is happening for us in hopes that it will inspire those of you who may believe that it can’t happen for you.

1. Coaching 3 clients now: It’s amazing how creative folks want to know how to realize some of the gains that we’ve made. We’re excited to share specific strategies to move the needle forward. (If you need help with social media marketing or branding for your band/artistic project, call us for help. The number is 734.252.6221.)

2. Fresh off SXSW 2019: Check out our video posts and blog posts that have been created as a result.

3. Song a Week Challenge: We’re at Week 13 of the Challenge and so far, our streak has not been broken. We have posted both one seed of a song (on all of our social media accounts) and a full-fledged finalized song (to SoundCloud) each week. (If you want to know more about why we’re doing it, check this post out—"19 for 2019 Goals.")

Get Sh*t Done Weekly Planning Method  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

4. Record Store Day Release: In honor of Record Store Day 2019 (April 13, 2019), we are sending our favorite record stores an exclusive CD release of an all-acoustic set. The “Honey-Dipped Acoustic Set” is a limited release and will only be available through local record stores.

5. Friends and Family Week on Facebook Groups: In an effort to welcome any and all people in who might benefit from the knowledge, resources, mindset shifts, and growth hacks that we share to move your musical/creative vision forward in our Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star Facebook Group and to join forces with folks who LOVE—and can’t choose between—genres of music in our Funky Happy People (Who Listen to a Variety of Music Genres), we are sponsoring a Friends and Family Week. For the member who invites the MOST members—for EACH group—there will be prizes. We LOVE prizes, don’t we? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to clicking!

6. Music is in the running for 3 advertising placements: One our big goals for 2019 (see “19 for 2019 Goals”) is to get more song placements in movies, tv, stores, restaurants, etc. To that end, we’ve been submitting and pitching like crazy. We’re happy to say that we’re in the running for 3 pretty notable placements now. –But, of course, we won’t stop submitting until we KNOW something has landed…. –Remember, no more putting all our eggs in any ONE basket.

Having said that, we have appreciated all the support that we have gotten from you all. And if there is any way we can be of service to you, drop us an email and let us know.

15 Tips for Better Band Photos  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Sadly, still languishing….

  • Email course and eBooks

  • Music video (lyric+creative)

Keep Creativity Flowing.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine


  • Gab and Jam Ep #51 “Can you separate the art from the artist?” (video and podcast)

  • Gab and Jam Ep #53 “Is SXSW Worth It? Tips for Newbies From Newbies” (video and podcast)


  • South By Southwest 2019 Day One Vlog (featuring Guero's Tacos, SoCo shops, Voodoo Donuts)

  • South By Southwest 2019 Day Two Vlog (featuring music in films sessions, bands Efelante and Oscar Jerome)

  • South By Southwest 2019 Day Three Vlog (featuring Holy Roller restaurant w/ Amy Winehouse art exhibit and live music by Kyan; Amanda Palmer, Jack Conte, Ben Foldsband Cimafunk)

  • South By Southwest 2019 Day Four Vlog (featuring Shirley Manson, Lauren Mayberry, Nile Rodgers; Fender House w/ Castlecomer; The Big Fix Band; Sam Fender at Dive Bar)

  • South By Southwest 2019 Day Five Vlog [featuring Beastie Boys Adam Horowitz and Michael Diamond and Nathan Brackett (Amazon Music); Ari Herstand (“How to Make it in the New Music Business”); bands Her's and Joshua Burnside]

  • South By Southwest 2019 Day Six Vlog (featuring “How to Make $50,000 with Your Music,” Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Tesoros Gifts, and Perla’s Restaurant)





  • Friends and family week: For both Facebook groups (week of APRIL 1 - 6, 2019)

  • Prizes for those with most invites to each group (to be awarded on April 8, 2019)

  • Fans of a variety of music will enjoy Funky Happy People

  • Those who are looking to uplevel their creative efforts in the music biz (or in podcasting or YouTubing—you get the picture….), there’s Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star

  • Limited Edition CD Release in honor of Record Store Day (April 13, 2019) with a Snail Mail Crawl

What have you accomplished in the last month that makes you oh so proud?

We'd love to hear about it.

Please share in the comments below.

Until next we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease!


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Subscribe.  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

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