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Prince Top 20 Songs of All-Time Countdown (Accompanies Gab & Jam Episodes 9 and 10)

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Upon listening to Eddie Trunk’s Top 20 Countdown of the band Rush (on Volume, a station on Sirius XM), we were so intrigued by that whole process that we decided to tackle one of these ourselves. We knew the artist had to have a healthy body of work, have a loyal fan-base, and someone whom almost everyone has a strong opinion about. –Well, at least, we were thinking that this would make it fun for us! –Needless to say that we ended up choosing the late-great Prince.


Not only has Prince had such a profound influence upon both of us, he has influenced so many artists around the world and he had so many talents that the songs are only one part of the Prince puzzle. In fact, he had enough talent in each area to have made a career of each of these individual pursuits, like songwriting, dancing, performing, playing guitar, playing keyboards, being a style icon, being a musical entrepreneur, being a video vanguard, etc., etc.

In this video, we count down our Top 20 Prince Songs. Though this is a very difficult thing to do, we share how Prince impacted us and tell how songs were chosen to reflect our greater relationship with the idea of Prince as an artist, a musician, and a cultural icon during our coming of age.

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To be completely honest, our Top Prince Songs list was originally pretty exhaustive and we could have talked for days, but for the purposes of being concise, we narrowed the list to 20 songs that span Prince’s entire musical career (but does not include those unreleased albums, nor songs he wrote for other people, nor songs he covered by other people). (For the purposes of giving attention to some songs that may be lesser-known, but still deserving of attention, I have included an additional list below.)