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Rock Star Rewind: Walking the Talk (November 2018)

Spillin' Tea August 2018  --Blooming Prejippie Zine

Back from Paris; Biggest Regret . . .

We are hot off the road from our week in Paris and the biggest regret that I have about the trip is that I did not engage enough… Now, that I am back, I am getting LinkedIn requests from Parisian musical and blogging folks to “connect” and while I was there, I never thought to actually connect—which is one of the areas that we are trying to improve upon all the way around.

Having said that, the next major trip that we take—which is to London, by the way—we are planning to schedule a meet-up, so that whomever we can meet, we can shake hands and share a smile and a coffee, maybe… (If you are in England, let us know if you’d like to participate in our prospective meet-up. We’d love to see you there.)

Here's our Gab & Jam Episode 7: Rock Star Billboard (Branding for Musicians) video

Mindset Shift

It’s easy to have a vision and make large, long-term plans. What has been more difficult is following through on those daily activities that make all that long-range stuff possible. That’s why I am happy to say that when the rubber has finally hit the road—THIS very month—I have been able to apply that laser focus of not looking back and of finding—and of executing—the ideas that make my heart sing. I am truly pleasantly surprising myself by walking the talk. (Check out my strategy to scheduling my week's worth of blogging priorities.) Nearly two years of abundance mindset work has led me to seeking value-added relationships in the music business and in blogging, so that we can move our empire forward.

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