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Chomp: Mitten Bites

Mitten Bites

In order to fuel myself at breakfast—before my 5 mile run—I needed something with enough bulk to keep my stomach settled, but not enough to be the cause of heartburn. Keep in mind that I have tried *Kind Bars, Cliff Bars, Chewy Granola Bars, and, after a free sample I received at a fair downtown, I am smitten—get it?—with Mitten Bites.

The flavor I like best is the Apple + Cinnamon (shown above). I prefer these to the other brands of similar bars that I've tried, because they are not too sweet, but still provide just the right amount of sugar to help me power through my morning run.

As an unexpected and happy surprise, this food is made, marketed, and distributed by high students at the Detroit Food Academy. It is good to know that 30 cents of every dollar spent directly employs a young Detroiter at a minimum of $12.50 per hour, according their website. Also, the snack bars are all-natural with no preservatives added, and is the first of their snack product line. Finally, this product is made in Michigan (which was the penultimate bonus for me). :)

What is your go-to food for work out fuel?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, as always, share with a friend, and subscribe to learn about more great foods that we chomped.

For more info, contact Small Batch Detroit:

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