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Why Did We Choose Plum Paper Planner? (for D.I.Y. Rock Star Planning)

This blog post is a great accompaniment to Gab & Jam

Ep 150 Goals: Why less is more (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)

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We are so excited to FINALLY be able to take advantage of the Black Friday sale from Plum Paper Planner, where we ordered our third 18-month standard-size planner. We’ve never done a blog post about it—although we have done a couple of unboxings and a couple of “Plan With Me” videos (here’s the playlist: )

Plum Paper Planner Unboxing 3.0:

Why Plum Paper Planner?

Well, until I create my own D.I.Y. Rock Star Planner—which is in the works-—decided that with all that we have going on right now—the blog, the podcast, the YouTube channel, and the record companythat we needed a base of operations to run it all from. I looked around at the various most popular custom planners and ended up liking what I saw when I checked out the Plum Paper Planner website. —No, this is NOT a sponsored post; I am just sharing, because when I was looking, it was these kinds of posts helped me be able to choose between all the many planning methods and choose specific options.

2019 Plan With Me video: